1. Tressenia

    Flying Fairy Generator Parts (RMMV, RTP Style) - NEW Hairstyles 10 January 2020!

    Hello! I never thought I'd be posting my own resources on here, but here I am! What you see here are edits of the RTP, so nothing is 100% original. I edited these for my own use, but I would like to share them with everyone so you guys can benefit, too! Let me know what you think! :hhappy...
  2. Tressenia

    Flying Fairy Wings (MV, RTP Style)?

    EDIT: I was able to edit some RTP resources and make my own flying fairy! :) Resource Type: TV generator part (wings, gender neutral) Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I'd like a generator part (with separate color file) for a flying/hovering fairy, similar to the RTP fairy...
  3. nazgul

    Need a recolor/wings added to this Cat sprite!

    Some great edits by Deebs. Feel free to use these in your games with credit to Deebs, commercial or non-commercial. http://rpgdreams.freeforums.biz/t97p15-strawberrycat-s-winged-monsters Strawberrycat's Winged monsters   I am looking for someone to take the regular dark blue cat...
  4. petschko

    Angelic Generator-Parts for RPGM-MV

    Hello^^ my last post was ~2 Months ago - I have not much time to make stuff if I during my work in RL =/ But now there was a little bit time to create Stuff for RPG-Maker-MV. This time I've created stuff for the Generator to create more different (and nicer) Angel-Characters.^^ I've finished...
  5. mididragon

    In need of a machine battler

    i need an evil black gachapon machine with bat wings... gachapon machines (if you don't know what they look like) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/44/Gashapon_machines_(Hong_Kong).jpg sorry for the lack of specifics im new to making requests... i'll answer any question you...
  6. Need a back piece sword

    Need a back piece that goes on people back of a sword. Much like wings and stuff.

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