1. 15098D

    RMVXA First real game: The Undesirables

    Some strange things are happening in 1850's Britain. Gorgie and his group of friends set off to put a stop to the unnatural happenings, all at the request of a strange being. This is the first "real game" I've made in RPG Maker, that meaning this is the first one with a proper start and finish...
  2. ShellyValeras

    RMMV Infinite Realities

    Infinite Realities is a Markiplier Fan Game. This Game is centered around Markiplier, one of my favorite Youtubers, and puts him through a bunch of crazy different worlds and events. With tons of hidden goodies and extra bits for the Player to find I hope that this game will be interesting and...
  3. JohnDoeNews

    RMMV On Board: Life is Random (Board game, HTML5)

    What is the set up of the scene? It's random... Which characters do you meet in your scenes? It's random... What is are the locations of your scenes? Totally random. Do they play in order? Nope, all random. How about weapons? Random! Armor? Random! Vendors? Random! Ha, so you can...
  4. FishStickMystic

    RMVXA [R13] Dubventure ACE (Game Available!!)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story follows YouTuber Dubious D as he ventures through Australia, Tasmania, and other various islands to find his missing scientist...
  5. l8rose

    L8rose's Art Stuffs

    I figure a thread is better then falling into the habit of spamming the other art thread every couple of days as that would eventually happen. -coughs- This first post will generally be updated with the second to newest things on the thread but always see the newest posts for the newer sketches...
  6. VenTene

    Tyrania Chronichles [WIP] Demo 0.1

    [Temporarily on pause because of lost data. Screw windows updates.]   Greetings RPG MAKERS, today I want to present you the first Demo of the game that I started creating with RPMV a short while ago.   But, before that I will introduce myself. I am VenTene, a young...
  7. LuLingqi1

    reVITAlyze (Demo Version 1.0-Demo is down for updates-)

    reVITAlyze is currently a super big Work in Progress. It currently uses RMMV assets, but will eventually be fleshed out with its own assets and may even feature more games.   What Is reVITAlyze? reVITAlyze is an RPG featuring a side-view battle system with a deep universe as well as...
  8. FroggyGames

    Xeno Sword: War

    Xeno Swords is a game that will be split up into chapters. Each chapter will be each game in the franchise. There was once a village, a village that was peaceful. It's population was high, everything about the village is just positive! This village is named Kakari Village. But, not everything...
  9. My terrible map flooding plugin aka learning map formats

    I'm a bit sick today, so you'll have to bear with my rambling mind a bit. Anyway, in an effort to try and understand the map structure, I managed to make a plugin that floods an entire map with the tile in 0,0,0 of a map. Yes, it's as useless as that sounds.  Even more so because there is...
  10. Ascher

    *TW* HOW TO: [MOURN] - Psychological Horror RPG Game.

      I AM ACTIVELY EDITING THIS TOPIC!   Hello! I apologize for the topic being empty, I'm an currently working on pulling together all the images and graphics I would like to show at this time and formatting them to forums size. I'm complete and utter trash at making nice looking demo...
  11. Meuhmeuh

    [FWS]Video Setting in Option Menu

    FWS_VideoConfig.js 0.1.0 Meuhmeuh - Fullwild Studio Team Introduction Hello guy ! This is my first plugin on RPGMaker. Don't hesitate to give me feedback  :D This plugin is in development most feature are here, but i need lot's of work on it to be perfect. Use at your own risk. This...
  12. Binding of Issac RPG, Could really use suggestions

    Me and my friends' joint project for fun, no profit, do not ask to donate, not that we'd deserve one (It's not very good so far, its still extremely early) but even if we did, donations of any kind will not be accepted. Here is the Doc...
  13. naruzeldamaster

    Remember Event States By Darkshadow44 (Complete and Tested/Working)

    =beginName: Remember Event PositionAuthor: DarkShadow44Description: Saves additional information for events that RPGMaker normally doesn't saveInstructions: Just Copy the script into your script editor, under "Materials".For convenience the door events are skipped during save, so you don't need...
  14. Paramecium13

    Paramecium Script Development Center

    Paramecium Core One of the first things I wrote in ruby; because Math. Graphs A Self-explanatory Little Script  (Not part of Paramecium Core but requires it) Upcoming Features Some method(s) for reading and processing external (text) files. I have yet to write any code for this. A...
  15. Evan Finkel

    Trying in a new way

    So, I was trying to draw in anime style. Here are some WIPs which I threw down in the spoiler! (First attempt on anime)
  16. Symposium [Idea] [Wip] [Not enough progress for development thread]

    I'm going to use some of Yanfly's scripts in the game, including the class script, so the class system will be a bit more complicated: -You pick a class. This is the class you will always keep. These will be one of three "major" classes. -When you level up, you can unlock subclasses. The first...
  17. kdcarrero

    [Request] Map makers for a Tales of Symphonia remake

    Hello, I am currently undertaking a huge task, which is recreating Tales of Symphonia in RPG Maker VX Ace, and I need help with mapping. I can do the scripting, but I am artistically challenged (even when it comes to copying something that already exists), which is why I need help. I am simply...
  18. Dr.Phil

    Pixel Art Tileset

    A while ago I decided to make my tiles from scratch.. And I made these. But then I realized how daunting this task was, and I gave up. But I figured, maybe someone else can use these as a base, assuming they're going for a pixel art style. Choosing colors is not my forte, but I think the pixel...

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