1. DragonSkills99

    Autorun Event once to change event image

    Hey Community, I'm currently developing a farming game. As far as now the stats are saved in a SelfVariable, now I wan't the event to load the specific image of the crop and then do nothing, but I can't you change the eventpage, cause then it's removing the image. If I leave the page open it...
  2. Kanallaman

    RMMV Life Without Friends (DEMO OUT NOW!)

    Another RPG Game where nobody has to get hurt! By Kanallaman Studios DEMO Out Now! FEATURES! (NOTE: I forgot the mention this, but some of these features are planed and are NOT in the current demo. If it's not in the demo, it will have an % next to it.) Act/Spare...
  3. Misty

    Load game without RPT and font script ?

    Hello everyone, I want to load my game without the RPT resources. I am not using their sound, fonts, or graphics. I'm using my own custom fonts, sounds, and graphics. My game total size is around 5 MB. I wish to keep it at that size. I don't want to have people to be forced to install the RPT...
  4. dahilig007

    [RMVXAce] Door, entering without using action button

    I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace and im really wanna know how to do this stuff. My problem is I want to enter a door without using the action button. But with just the use of direction button. Here's a screenshot of the event and map And here's the catch I tried "Conditional Branch.." and used...

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