1. midnight1443

    Beetles, Hedgehogs, and Wombats; oh my!

    Hello! I'm attempting to make a game with monster catching and battling, but I can't seem to find any Animated SV/Walking monsters of the beetle, hedgehog, or wombat variety. If anyone has one or more of these that I could use commercially, that would be amazing! :D I may attempt to create some...

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My new 49" monitor has been dispatched from the warehouse. Will it arrive tomorrow? The day after? I love that we can track packages now, even if it does only tell me when it's left that end and when it's arrived at the local centre. As long as it doesn't end up in Melbourne again, which has happened before ...
My friend's doing a surprise stream of my game Origin Hunt on Twitch here ! Feel free to stop by :yhappy:

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