1. ovate

    Bonsaiheldin - Treasure chests (front/back)

    I'm sharing Bonsaiheldin's Treasure chests here that I formatted for VX Ace. I added two frames between closed & opened chest and back version. Features - Gold, silver and wooden frames - With and without locks - Front and back Credit: Bonsaiheldin License- Creative Commons BY 4.0 license...
  2. Mikleo

    MV Vertical Long Wooden Bench and Vertical Sofa/Couches

    Hello, can anyone point out a resource of a Vertical Long Wooden Bench (like the bench having 3 tiles, the middle tile can extend on and on), like this one, but Backless and for RPG Maker MV)? Some examples of what I'm talking about are the following images    (credits to Ayene)...
  3. headdie

    Sea Ship Help

    Hi all I am looking for a RMVX ACE tile set for a wooden ship to fit in with the standard tileset style. The ship is a merchant vessel docked in port, the orientation of the map means I would prefer a ship running top to bottom rather than horizontally though if it comes to I can rebuild the...

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