1. Problem with Woratana's Character Converter

    I've been using Woratana's Character Sprite Converter to change the chibi character. It worked fine for just once but when I try to put convert the second sprite, it says 'finished converting 0 sprites in 0.00 secs' or sometimes in '0.01 secs'. Can anyone help me? And thank you. This is the...
  2. AceSax

    Database Limit Breaker 1.1

    Hey^^ For me, it's showing an error after the first event says - "Welcome to the demo of Database Limit Breaker!" Then an error saying - "NameError occurred while running script. uninitialized constant Game_Interpreter::PK8_DLB." That comes up :/ Your quote - " Depending on how far into...
  3. Necromus

    Woratana multiple Fog's for Ace

    Update 09.05.2013 Since a lot of people asked about this, I fixed some issues with parallaxes in the script. If other scripts are still conflict with this one, make sure to have all other scripts about this one in your script list. Introduction Since i saw a lot of people asking for a port...

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I've just checked the VisuStella Plugins for MZ and there are already 11 plugins. The Yanfly team(perhaps a big one?) really works so effectively and efficiently that some MZ users can likely use tons of Yanfly plugins right after MZ's released (still 13 days from now). I wonder if any other plugin developer(or team) will try to compete with Yanfly this time, no matter how slim the chance to win is :)
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