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  1. Angel.K1tty

    TRADE Shards of Chrysalism - Temporary Hiatus

    *Warning: may contain mentions of politics, but only in a general manner* *Warning: Partial nudity (male chests.)* Notes: This is not my first game, however this will be my first large scale project. I am mainly an artist and so far I have only worked on this by myself, so I have very little...
  2. deathpunk187

    RMVXA Glass (Demo Currently)

    NOTE: The full game is coming soon Well ladies and gentleman the moment you've all been waiting for, even though this isn't my first endeavor in making an RPG Maker game but it certainly is one I've started and finished a demo for (whether it's good or bad is highly up to debate <_<) I will...
  3. Greygoose

    [RMVX+] XP-Styled Star Trek Charsets [WIP]

    The sprites will be posted on my DeviantArt page. There's loads of completed sprites there and more to come: Hey everyone. I would like to show you some previews of some Star Trek sprites I am working on. I am doing sprites of the different series. I...
  4. Starshine

    RMVXA (Demo) The Extraterrestrial

    "Faust, you and I are going to make a deal that will put the world at your feet. The world you must save." Approx. 30min Demo Synopsis Faust is a lonely, lonely soul who has been given a life and countless other unfathomable gifts from a strange and powerful creature who at first asks...
  5. slaQ

    Some Rocking Music for Non Commercial Use

    I really like the compositions of these songs. But it's such an enormous shame that the sound quality is sooooooo bad! Was this made using a tracker by any chance? Tell your brother to get (a) better vst/sound library('s) and if necessary also a better editing program, cuz his composing skills...

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