1. Leokids

    Child to Adult Workshop: VX/VX Ace Edition

    The Workshop Will Transform Your Kid Character Sprite to a Older Kid Sprite Always known as a Adult sprite. Go! Do Remmember That it Always Use The Character Generator Except for Some Circumentences.
  2. Raexxar

    Where I can find things downloaded from Steam Workshop?

    As in the title.
  3. BlitzMalachite

    Jaase's Face Workshop ((3/3 SLOTS FREE - OPENED))

    Face Workshop Welcome to my workshop. Where I make faces! just for you guys. Terms: Rules: Slots: Examples: That's all :).
  4. BlitzMalachite

    Jaases' Non-generator face workshop [ Send me requests! ]

    Jaases Non-Generator Face Workshop "Only use when needed." Now you can send me requests of your face recommendations! [ You can't use when all slots are filled. ] SLOTS: RULES: EDIT FORMAT: EXAMPLE: One more thing. Write the rates of your recommendations: Example: H = Very hard [...
  5. Lilly

    Lilly's Art✨Atelier✨

    Hello everyone~! I'm Lilly. I hope that I can help the community with my art. If you'd like to commission me, There's rules and the request form below. :Terms of Service: I won't draw Gore and Elderly It should take one week or less, but I'll let you know if it's taking longer than expected. I...
  6. JohnDoeNews

    Clock & Calendar Workshop (Steam)

    SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOT DOWNLOAD LINK HOW DO I USE THIS TO LEARN? (!)Explaining is done in MV, in the (common) events, NOT in the game. The game just shows you some funny examples. WHO MADE WHAT?
  7. JesFang

    Workshop Help

    Hello everyone im new here i hope i can learn from everyone and hope i can share some knowledge once i learn more So im trying to make a game where you have a workshop and sell stuff created by yourself but after searching and searching i couldnt find anything that works for what im trying to...
  8. Steam workshop mods

    Well I am new to this community and I would like if someone knows how to download mods and maps for the steam workshop. It does not work for me because I do not own the engine in steam? I would be also interested in map or plugin recommendations. Thanks for your time.
  9. Poupouille

    How to delete projects downloaded from the Workshop?

    Hello :) ! I would like to delete the projects I downloaded in the Workshop Steam to free up some space, but I can't find a way to do it. :kaothx:Thanks
  10. JardsonJean

    Ysmael (210x96) - Example Overworld Map + Open for Requests

    This map took me around 40 hours to complete and it's my biggest project yet. Its all inspired by my experience with Skyrim, so expect to find a lot of caves, towers, ruins, shacks, volcanoes and much much more. I tried my best to use all the vanilla resources to their fullest so keep an eye out...
  11. Poupouille

    How to try a RPG Maker MV workshop on Steam

    Hello, I am not very familiar with Steam, and I would like to try this workshop: I subscribed but I don't know how to download after, or access it by other ways. I did some research on the internet, but I couldn't find the solution. :( Someone can help me ?
  12. GameDevil

    Tek Logo Workshop

    This is my workshop where I make logos and title screens. 1. I have right to accept or unaccept any request. 2.You need to send: Game title Type: (Logo/Title screen) Genre Colour Others: (Explanation of the game, other things you need to tell me). Samples:
  13. melancholy-sama

    Melancholy-sama's Character Workshop (XP/VX/VX ACE/MV) (CLOSED)

    Hellooo, I'm Melancholy-sama and I am longing for making some new sprites, facesets or busts for your game! I can draw character portraits for you game and even make sprites for them! Samples TO DO: 1. Tuomo L - Really Burly Big Muscle Demon 2. comedianmasta - Pangolin Sprite 3. EMPTY DONE...
  14. Orb

    Orb's Logos

    *This shop is currently CLOSED. I will let you all know once I re-open it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience* Hi humans! I'm here to offer my humble service as an amateur designer making logos for free; it is my own way to say "thanks" to the community, in return for all the things I've taken...
  15. Faye Valentine

    [OPEN] Black Coffee Music Workshop

    Welcome to Black Coffee Music Workshop! We've got a new addition to our team, an awesome musician, composer and arranger called Jesús Ximenez. He plays mainly violin and mandolin, but he has a wide knowledge and experience on music, as he's graduated from the conservatory (12+ years). He has...
  16. SlySlySly

    Does someone mind testing my game on workshop?

    I'm not completely sure my game properly uploaded, but I want to be sure. Can someone please look into it on the workshop and check? It would make me so relieved if it works, if it doesn't I'm opening a tech support thread lol. It's RPG Maker MV btw...
  17. Neleros

    Steam Workshop Maps

    Hi there community! I had a question that's been really frustrating me for the past couple of days. I subscribed(downloaded) a couple of maps for MV on the Steam Workshop. However, I can't not find the files for these maps anywhere on my computer, it's like they don't exist. After clicking the...
  18. RPG Maker MV - STEAM Related Question regarding Workshop

    Hi. I am a fan of RPG Maker MV, I currently own the steam version of it. Ever since VX Ace I loved to share my games in Steam workshop to friends and other steam users and I used to gget good feedback. In RPG Maker MV however I feel the workshop is lacking the most important feature that...
  19. KamiSawZe

    Can I use DLC on Workshop project?

    Backstory that's not important to the question, but I feel like venting: I own RMMV and the Pop! Horror City DLC through Steam.  I am currently using the Steam workshop (but with hidden privacy) to back up my work and so I can work on it from my laptop, my wife's laptop, and my work computer...
  20. Importing maps

    I recently downloaded some maps via the workshop and i cant get them into my game no matter what i do. i tried looking at the old post about this but it didn't help at all. please someone help, i'm really confused.

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