world building

  1. ScorchedGround

    RMMV One Map Game Challenge - The Calm before the Storm

    Hello everyone! So I finally did the thing. The cool thing that everyone does. I am of course talking about The One Map Game Challenge! With this game, I wanted to challenge myself. You know, a challenge besides the editor restrictions like only using 10 events, variables etc. So I decided to...
  2. Hadria

    How does magic/fantasy elements shapes the world?

    So has the tittle says: I've been wondering. I'm in the design phase of my game, and I've been thinking on the world background and theme and decided to ask for opinions on this matter. We mostly see fantasy worlds in games that are basically your typical feudal world without much change except...
  3. Axsajim

    RMMV Hoshizora no Sakura

    Grettings, this is a proof of concept for a project It's going to be on development. The worldbuilding of this project is something i've been working since I was younger, 4 years ago I had the idea, and now I've been months working on making it as best as I can. This, as it is right now, it's a...
  4. Canini

    Live procedural generation in Rpgmaker

    When creating maps in the rpgmaker engine you have the option to let the engine itself create one for you. I know that it would take an enourmous amount of scripting and tweaking of the engine, but would it be possible to have the game engine generate a map during actual gameplay and place a...
  5. Ryisunique

    The Use of Languages in building a world?

    For those of you that are planning or have made large sprawling games, do you plan/planned on putting in different languages for different regions? I'm kinda curious because I haven't seen this really thought of anywhere around. I mean, countries here have different languages within their own...
  6. TriceratopsX

    Projects set in the same "world"?

    Hey guys and gals as I was trying to brainstorm ideas for my project earlier I realized that most if not all my projects take place inside the same fictitious "world" either, as different events in that worlds history, or as stories and legends in that world (stories within stories if you will)...
  7. NinjaKittyProductions

    How do you start a game...

    Hey gamers, I thought I would try and get to know some backgrounds on how you all start making a game. Do you start with a basic idea? Do you start with story you have been working on? Do you see something in another video game and think "that looks awesome! I could totally do something like...
  8. Canini

    The fishing trip of Byleif/Byleifs fiskefänge (epic icelandic poetry according to the Háttatal)

    This one probably bears some explaining. There is a pretty much untranslatable section of the Prose Edda (the collection of norse mythology gathered and written down by the icelandic Skald Snorri Sturlasson at around 1220) called Hattatal that contains 102 examples of meters used in scaldic...
  9. XIIIthHarbinger

    Of Gods & Monsters

    Hello gentle people of the interwebs I've come to share a perspective & to pick your own brains in kind on a particular topic. Namely the question of the development of culture, religion, & the like in fantasy, as it pertains to monsters & demihumans, or more often the lack thereof. To...
  10. Gustavo_Br

    (Help!) RMMV Interactive world map.

    My intention is make a Image map and use in game, which the player will not be able to move freely. Basically, the player can travel around the world map by fast travels, and stop in the cities (which will have a normal map). LIKE THIS (Mount&Blade Warband Screnshot) or this: But I have...
  11. Elyswer

    RMVXA White Pearl (~25hr Turn Based RPG) w/ Sidequests + Crafting

    White Pearl Synopsis Screenshots Download Here: Main Characters Main Locales
  12. consolcwby

    Starting At The End Of The Story

    Hi everyone. I couldn't find if this has been discussed before - and currently I am 'locked-in' to my current project I cannot change it. But I wanted opinions from experienced makers anyway. So, here goes: When I started my project, there was no direction and I allowed my ideas to flow -...
  13. Warpmind

    Constructed language

    So, I've been thinking a bit on this... Would you/what would make you consider constructing a new language for your game? I mean, if you have elves, Sindarin or Quenya might be a bit problematic for a commercial game (licenses et cetera), yet you might want to use some different language for...
  14. Ms Littlefish

    Let's Learn Trivia Together!

    Do you guys like learning fun facts? I like fun facts. The discussion started in another thread. But, pretty much I'm sure all of us get questions in our head that turn into a long string of Google searches. And usually we ask even more questions based on our previous search, and search even...
  15. Archeia

    World Building Discussion: Viking Society

    World Building Discussion -Viking Society- This is the second of the series discussing about World Building/Settings to help spice up our games. They are in form of "tutorials" and everyone can share their thoughts and ideas in this. Everyone is free to disagree with the written article...

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