world map

  1. 9142

    Help with location names on world map.

    recently i watched a video on youtube of a world map concept, and i thought it was rather interesting. I however are unable to replicate the effects. I tried using bind picture to map plugin with a parallax image, but when i test played it, i got the error message saying that my picture was too...
  2. nazgul

    World Maps. How big is to big? Airship travels around world in 2 seconds.

    I am just curious what people think about world maps? Are they just dated at this point? Is there a better way to use the airship then simply using world maps? It seems like smaller world maps look better but they just do not seem to have a feeling of a large world. Is a bigger more diverse...
  3. SpacemanFive

    Globe-shaped world map

    There was something I was trying to do with my own project, setting up a world map using "loop both" instead of just "loop horizontal", in the hope that I could set set it up so that it feels like a realistically spherical planet. However, I realized recently that I might not be able to do...
  4. bluebooth

    Player Position History Plugin v1.04

    Transition History v1.04 Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios   Introduction A number of my scripts require knowledge of the previous (or "calling") player position.  For example, a player walks onto a save point, and the game loads a new map with a campsite.  At some point, the...
  5. bluebooth

    World Map Plugin 2.00b

    World Map Plugin 2.00b Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios NEW: Video tutorial on World Map Plugin here! NEW: Video demonstration available here, thanks to Tsukihime!   Introduction This marks my...
  6. lokirafael

    World Map

    I was wondering if anyone is working in a word map plugin like Lune World Map (RPG Maker Ace)? Thats a very useful script to heve in MV. Tyvm
  7. Tommy Gun

    Super Mario-style World Map

    This was asked in the support forum, so I made a full tutorial! Here's how to make a world map that unlocks levels as you progress, and also automatically moves the character from point-to-point. We make new graphics, including an animated "gold" point to show which levels are accessible. This...
  8. kranasAngel

    Changing World Map

    I was wondering if there was a way to change the world map in RPG Maker MV. As it stands now, the world Map has a giant hole in it. I would like it if there was a switch that you could turn on to "fill" the hole. If the switch was on, the hole would not show up, if the switch was off, the hole...
  9. champion of darkness world map tiles v.1.7

    Hi ,this is my first work (actually update of my first work) ,I made this for myself, just some copy/paste, but i think it will do . Feel free to use anything here in your personal or commercial games.  I just ask that credit is given to myself ,If you do use my stuff in a commercial game, I'd...
  10. GrandmaDeb

    Map generator Hope this wasn't already posted. A gal named KataiKit showed me the link. (Ooops on the extra repeat of the bottom of the image!)
  11. world map

    looking for a world map. needs mountains and rivers and caves, will make the maps for those locations as well as fill it with cities. needs to be large enough for all major capitols as well as major cities and docks. preferably of earth. I would do it myself but I don't have a good working map...
  12. GrandmaDeb

    Granny's Lists - World Map Tiles

    Amaranth Games' Original (non-RTP) World Map Tiles Avery's Modern and Ancient World Map tiles Avadan's Modern City World Map tiles with skyscrapers, arena and suburban homes Candacis' World tiles - lots of A1 tiles, mountains and villages Celianna's Overworld Cactus Tile Ceric's World...
  13. CrazyCrab

    Building Tiles

    Hi everyone, I'm not that great at drawing small things and world map buildings certainly need to be quite tiny... Does anyone know where can I get some? I need both general ones such as houses and more precise ones like a factory etc. It's also a strategy game so I really want the buildings...
  14. William MC

    Methods of travel? Pokemon/Zelda Vs Final Fantasy

    Hey there guys, today I come to you all with an interesting question on opinions. You see I was just thinking about how there are different ways to get around in different games. I've divided these into 3 groups, Constant World, World Maps, & Transporters. Now let me explain the differences...
  15. CrypticCuddler

    Making a World Map using ClipArt

    Hi everyone, I've been hard at work planning out my first game and I've been rather ambitious with what I want so far, but I feel like what I do/learn for this game will greatly help for my second game. My dilemma at the current moment is creating a world or rather "Town" map for my Dating sim...
  16. Alkorri

    RM games with Custom World Maps?

    Hello there, lovely peoples! I tried looking around the net, but in the end figured I would shoot my question here. Does anyone know of any RM games where someone made their world map themselves (maybe drawn in GIMP or some other software) and players were able to navigate their party on it...
  17. Square_art

    How to trip around the world?

    Hi, everyone :-) It's my 1st post here, on the forum, I'm sure there will be hundreds of them soon). My question is - how to create world map of the whole planet? I mean, how to transfer character from the northernmost point of map to the southmost, from the westmost to the eastmost and vice...
  18. Recruiting a few hobbyists.

    Genre: Fantasy, RPG Rating: Teen+ with some mature content possibly changing this later Platform: RMVXA Based on: Dungeons and Dragons Pay: N/A Wordpress:   Screenshots: Not much right now since it's still in the infant stage of development  Development   Story...
  19. cosmickitty

    World Maps

    World Maps     I tried to figure out how to make these an actual tileset... but I don't think it's possible without losing the organic look they have so I've decided to do it this way.     I attached both...
  20. LightofthedimVXA

    Advanced World Map Tileset


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