world tiles

  1. Kes

    The Inquisitor world tiles

    Although I still have all the other parts of The Inquisitor's tile set, I cannot find his world tiles anywhere on my computer. Does anyone know of a link that still works, or would be willing to share their copy? Thank you.
  2. Nenen

    nenen’s VXAce Resource Edits v1.3

    Inevitably, I'll edit assets whenever working on a project, and I'd like to share them with everyone. So… Here’s what can be shared. A mix of clumping/rearranging, Recolors, Frankensteining, and other edits. Won’t include those too specific/non-versatile to share, and others are not allowed...
  3. RavenBlackbird

    World Tiles

    These world tiles are free for use. They were made using RPG Maker resources but I mostly got some ideas from Nanokan's VX world Tiles. I may add more as time goes by. 1. Floating City 2. Desert Fortress (One of Sythian Bard's Fortress Tiles was used) 3. Basic Full City Capital

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