1. AllyJamy

    Lune world map framerate/bug issue help

    I've been trying to implement Lune world map into my game. ( ) Using the script by itself results in a lot of lag in this specific project. Though, when using it in a similar project, that also uses a larger resolution, there is no lag. So I asked on...
  2. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Identify This Script~ Help!

    Hello Gamedevs and Gameplayers! I remember there being a script for RPG Maker VX Ace out there that essentially took the tiles and changed them from blocky and square to diagonal and natural looking. It only did that with A1 and A2 tiles (so it only affected water and land tiles). I have...
  3. cossio

    What kind resource sets are most popular in 2019?

    Feel free to also comment your opinion. His opinion on this subject is interesting.
  4. Lord Vectra

    Roleplay Capital

    RolePlay Capital Roleplay capital was originally just for me to DM some DnD. It has transformed into a place where people who want to be DMs can come to my server and create their own RP, and those who want to just RP has choices all in one place. Link to Roleplay Capital...
  5. SuYin

    ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️HELLO, WORLD☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

    Heyo~ :kaohi: I'm SuYin and I'm a digital artist. I've been around for a long time watching/playing the progress of cool awesome projects here. But I've decided to start being a bit more active in this community, so you'll be seeing some of my works soon... Maybe :kaoswt: Nice to meet you~...
  6. Psychronic

    Galacti-Chron's Alien Worlds Tileset Pack

    This package contains a tileset for building various alien worlds. This tileset will allow you to build different types of alien or strange worlds. <---SNIP---> TERMS OF USE: Use for whatever you want. You don't need to give me credit. If you do give credit, much appreciated but I don't care...
  7. Kenvarus

    MV Diablo 2 styled outdoor/world Tilesets

    So, title says it all, im looking for full tilesets for outdoor/world with a feal similar to diablo 2, specifically looking for just the darker, more realistic appearance. i've considered attempting to use parallax mapping... but i have no artistic talent whatsoever. and i cannot use gimp or...
  8. Azmor

    Azmor's Planetary Workshop

    Hey-ho, welcome to my "Planetary Workshop". So what's this all about you ask? Well, you propably can guess: It's all about planets! Have you ever imagined your world map on a sphere, floating around in space, followed up by different planets you thought of and you would really like to make this...
  9. Mooshry


    I'm making a game on XP, and i wanna make a world map. For that, i need something like the regions in VX and MV. So, each region is a Terrain Tag, and the enemy IDs are set in the script editor. I would like this done before the end of summer BTW. And, each region would have a different...
  10. Lord Vectra

    FREE Artist Needed for Proj, World of Chaos.

    World of Chaos is a game of mine that is being created using Rpg Maker Vx Ace. It is an RPG Fantasy game. Summary You play as an orphan farmboy in Faerynel City who has his grandmother live with him, a famous one at that. He was bestowed the blessing of the Holy God to become the Hero of Chaos...
  11. EliteFerrex

    Battle BGM/Battleback Problems

    Hello, everyone. I'm having difficulty trying to make sure my battle BGMs and Battle Backs work correctly once the player has access to the Ship, because I don't want the wrong Battle Back or BGM playing in the wrong area of the world map. Before the player had the Ship, I simply controlled...
  12. xanax48

    Hello? Anyone there? Is the game's world a mechanic?

    Can NPC's, environments, a game's world itself be considered a mechanic. In many instances the world is the largest part of a game. A game can be made without a battle system, without items and magic, there doesn't even need to be a actual protagonist or antagonist. No true narrative or written...
  13. leenat40

    Dying World [A post apocalyptic Action-Rpg] NEW INFO. AVAILABLE!

    THE GAME IS IN COMPLETED PROJECTS CATEGORY!!!     "He made my life hell, and I will make his grave"   World Building   Story     Features    Screenshots    Demo   Jonas Berzinskas 2016 
  14. Zelgadis85

    RPG Maker MV Tileset - RTP World_A1 edit (slim coast lines with grass)

    Hi fellow RPG Makers, maybe some of you might have wanted to create world maps with slightly less square look between water and grass. Having found no other easy way around it, I decided to make a quick edit to the World_A1 tileset which, in my opinion, makes the grassy land look less square...
  15. GoodSelf

    Need beautiful world maps for your game?

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum - didn't want to post in Resources since its not mine =] Hey all, so back in the day, I use to run a Savage Worlds campaign (simillar to Dungeons and Dragons). For games like this, it is important to build a great world for your characters to explore...
  16. Lost Heroe's Demo

             Hello! And I welcome each of you everyone to my first but not last Project called Lost Heore's Chapter One     A legend says, there are 5 Heroe's which holds a power, a power called the "United Power"     Lee'Sah, Ben, Lyndah, Zen and Taly, are one of them. The next Heroe's to safe...
  17. MarisaG

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! Im new to RM, and will be using it to create my RPG "Mundo Sangre" (Blood World). It is a mash-up of steampunk & fantasy, and I am looking forward to progressing on it  :)  i was previously developing this as a 3D game but like what i see in RM, so im switching... I hope to get...
  18. chungsie

    Chungus's Sprites

    what I am finding is that a lot of the sprites I need don't exist yet, so I found some templates and am just making things.  WIP Aztec sheet, currently working on another man. free for use with Ace Engine for all licenses.. Note: If you make a commercial game with these sprites, feel...
  19. Skunk

    Mode-7 World Map

    Hey folks, I have been on the hunt for a nifty looking world map. My idea is that instead of looking directly up and down at it, you are looking at it from an angle. I am sure there is a way to export the image and tinker with it in Gimp, but I was wondering if there is a working Mode-7...
  20. Digimon Sigma

    Digimon Sigma Author: DMDovahkiin Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Languages: English, Spanish (both sub-dub) Genre: RPG, Adventure, Open World   Demo: Only to try the battle system [Unavailable] I would like to add the demo until I fix the language bug if the mods allow me...

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