1. AllyJamy

    Lune world map framerate/bug issue help

    I've been trying to implement Lune world map into my game. ( ) Using the script by itself results in a lot of lag in this specific project. Though, when using it in a similar project, that also uses a larger resolution, there is no lag. So I asked on...
  2. Finnuval

    world map tile (CLOSE)

    This can be closed as I already got the resource requested :cutesmile: (for those wondering, I wanted tents on a desert floor for the worldmap)
  3. Moving Water effect

    Hi everyone. I'm here to request something I've been waiting for since RMXP came out. It is a water moving effect, similar to a lot of SNES games. I've seen screen filters and all of that be done, so I was thinking to myself "Why can't one tile have an effect?" What I am talking about is like...
  4. FAGC54

    World map teleport Scene

    Hello people! Today i come to you asking for help! I need to create an event that opens up and scene window (more like a menu). For sure i know how to get to there, but i want that scene window to be a World Map, and be able to chosse locations on the map to telepor by moving a cursor, a very...
  5. hian

    Combining PRX Ace - Character Shadows with TINY OVERWORLD SPRITES SCRIPT

    So, like the thread title says - I am looking to make two scripts work together. They're not incompatible, but the idea is that I want the tiny overworld character script, which shrinks the character sprites on certain maps, such as the worldmap, to also shrink the shadow graphic that the...
  6. captainproton

    cartographic conundrums

    I've run into a bit of a puzzle with my game and was wondering anyone else has had the same problem or had some advice. When working on your world map, what sort of scale should you use? Do you make one large map in with transfers to the individual villages and dungeons? This seems like it...
  7. TinyMine

    Tinys Travel Map (TTM) + Addons

    Tinys Travel Map (TTM)   Script Name : Tinys Travel Map 1.4 Creator name : TinyMine   News: - New Demo!!! - New Addon "Confirmation Window Addon" Introduction An oldschool fasttravel map? Here you go.   Screenshot :   Script :     ADDONs TTM Fade Out Addon 1.1   Content:   - Fades...
  8. ShadowFox

    Overworld arabian request

    I have done a quick search but haven't found anything. I am wondering if there are any overworld or worldmap tilesets but not parallex tiles that are Arabian in nature, that would work with the Arabian Nights resource pack? or are there tiles missing from the Arabian Nights resource pack?

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