1. GoodSelf

    What Book do you want to see as an RPG?

    Out of all the books you've ever read, which one of those would like to see turned into an RPG Maker Game? Some books lend themselves very well to the genre, and I would love to hear your ideas! For me, it's a no brainer:   Can't wait to hear your input! 
  2. Canini

    Looking for blogs to read (and share your favorites)

    I am looking for new blogs to read, particularly those that gives in-depth analyses and reviews of cartoon episodes, games, films etc Below are tow of my faborite blogs, just to give an idea about what I am after: https://unshavedmouse.com/ (Disney moves)...
  3. Canini

    The writing thread

    Anybody here doing any writing? Feel free to share your stuff here! https://www.wattpad.com/126934443-jackalopes-the-paradise-of-tymor A original story about jackalopes guarding the shades of the dead from demons in the underworld. I am currently working on having some artwork done for it...
  4. ObsidianTrance

    Obsidian Trance's Prose Corner

    Since I've been so busy, I figured I can share some of my writing in my absense since I divide my free-time into both this and drawing. Recently aside from a fantasy novel that's crawling along, I've been doing some shorts to make up for it and expand on characters I likely won't get to for...
  5. Tome571

    Story Writing Class - Video Series

    Hey everyone!  I started a thread on Reddit to gauge some interest in building your story from the ground up. This was the original post there -  "Hey everyone, I was doing some brainstorming on some things I could do to give back to the community. Most of my experience has been in...
  6. Runako

    Writing Considerations: Tips to amplify the effectiveness of your Story

    Shouldn't your Games be taken seriously? Shouldn't they be analyzed, scrutinized, and examinized (That's probably not a word) My name is Dasheek (Runako), and as an English major I can't help but be drawn to the idea of critical reading. In fact, its just about almost impossible to...
  7. Inmento Riku

    Who is Inmento Riku (Aka why I chose my name)

    I made this character for a fanfic years ago, he evolved into a profile on facebook and some specific forums. He is also used, not as a KH Character, for a book I am working on.I wish for all feedback/criticism. (Both positive and negative) Origin:  Backstory:  Powers:  Magic:  ...
  8. captainproton

    Turns out...I'm a fanboy

    So, one of the things I was able to do during my hiatus from RM was write.  A lot of people here know I take part inNaNoWriMo and want to be a novelist.  But, for a while, I felt like I couldn't do justice to my own stories and characters, but still wanted to write.  So, instead, I used someone...
  9. starlord

    Finding Members for a Writing Team (Horror Adventure)

    Hi everyone! I'm currently making a game and I'm in need of a writing team. I'm planning to make this game in a short time (I'm trying to defy the impossible here haha) and by the end of March, the story should be finalized and the production will officially begin and etc. So if you have some...
  10. BeardBro

    3 Ways to Develop Characters

    Intro   Greetings! I'm a professional writer here to share some tips and tricks that I've learned throughout the years. Whether you're writing a Movie/TV script, a video game script, a novel, or even a biography, the most important key is always the characters. Whether your story...
  11. Kyuukon

    Game Script Utility (Story Writing)?

    So... any site or application I can use to make the task of writing/sorting the game script easily? At the time, I got everything written in a .doc file but it gets a bit messy when there are branching paths or annotations or dialogs. I thought maybe there is something out there you guys happen...
  12. Alkorri

    How to Write a Good Game Thread (and synopsis)

    (2019: Hopefully fixed the formatting. Special thanks to the forum users who allowed me to use their game threads to cite examples) Hi there, everyone! I've looked through the threads of a great many game projects, and can't help but notice that some users don't seem to know how to write a game...
  13. Comedy vs. Realism: The delicate balance of medieval fantasy

    I loved A Knight's Tale, just going to say that now. I found the references to modern times hilarious and well-done, but could respect the aspects of the films that were accurate (I'm a history geek).  My question is: which is better, realism or comedy? A Knight's Tale did fairly well balancing...
  14. Teivel

    Recruitment for Not Another RPG! (Non-paid work)

    The start of this post once said that I am looking for people to help in VXACE, though since the new engine came out (MV) I've migrated it to there and have remade it. I would love your help, creating an RPG that anyone can enjoy! So far we have enough writers, but we are looking for a mapper...
  15. The Mighty Palm

    The End Game: Now recruiting a dream team.

    THE END GAME (Title WIP/Open to suggestion)     Welcome men, women, evil overlords, slimes, ponies, durians, and etc! *Durians no longer welcome due to odor A bit of introduction before we begin. This is a game I have already been working on for years now. The actually project itself is...
  16. HawkZombie

    Hawkzombie - Writer for 'hire' (It's Free, Promise!)

    AVAILABILITY STATUS: UNAVAILABLE CURRENT PROJECTS: ONE   Hello!   My online name is Hawk Zombie/HawkZombie (Some of you may remember me as SketchPCIS!) and I'm a writer looking to do more work in the area I truly enjoy: video games. Over the years I've found I'm far more comfortable...
  17. Misty

    Writing, Digital music, Programming, Free, Ace

    About: "All the basics are free except when the project is ready for funding or Major programming features." -Not free for non-funding projects. All is free, but there will have to be pay at some point. I do a lot of activities. Mostly short story writing, programming, pixel art, digital...
  18. SaintInix

    Hall of Nerd needs you! (Recruiting developers, artists and musicians)

    Hall of Nerd has a varied history, born of two friends and their vision for games, gaming and the love of everything nerd-tastic. Steeped in that love, is a genre of games no one can forget, RPGs. The plucky graphics, bouncing sprites and bonus of saving a fictional digital world, always drew...
  19. NPC

    NPC's Writing Workshop

    ~NPC does Writing~      Hello comrades, chums, and unknowns, my name is Jon, or NPC, and I'm a hobbyist writer looking to go professional. But in order to do that, I need to put together a portfolio. So, for approximately two years, I will be taking requests regularly! Here's what I do: -Short...
  20. JPMallard

    Writing and Editing Services

    Hey folks,  I'm a freelancer hoping to find a middle ground for my love of games and my skills as an editor and writer, and I feel as though this may be the place for me!  My rates are negotiable, and they're reliant on the amount of content I'll be dealing with and the timelines that are in...

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