1. JPMallard

    Writing and Editing Services

    Hey folks,  I'm a freelancer hoping to find a middle ground for my love of games and my skills as an editor and writer, and I feel as though this may be the place for me!  My rates are negotiable, and they're reliant on the amount of content I'll be dealing with and the timelines that are in...
  2. FuryDr00d


    My name is AllergicVampire, You may call me the following nicknames: Allergic, or, Mr.Vampire I am an experienced writer, 8th grade, (14-years old) but college level english. I am also good at eventing. I work for free, expect my name in the credits of any games I work on and will not turn down...
  3. hian

    The depth of protagonists VS antagonists

    So lately I've been thinking a lot, and breaking down/analysing narratives, and one thing that has struck me is how under-developed heroic characters often are comparatively to the villains. Before you object, just hear me out here - Is it not the case, with the exception of...
  4. naruzeldamaster

    2.5D Game Idea: First Base, Fifth Gear

    Okay so I am currently working on a Novella fiction with the idea of parodying the oh so eye roll worthy harem genre of anime. While procrastination prevents me from writing consistantly enough to finish the story in time to make a game out of it. (currently barely finished with chapter  1 out...
  5. roxanne410

    Celestial Dance: Shift the tide {Otome Life Sim} Needs Writers

    Rating: Teen Genre: Otome Dating sim/Life sim Website: Celestialdance.weebly.com Platform: RPG maker XP Completion %: 6.5 Years in, 75% complete. (Thanks University.) Email: Roxanne410@yahoo.ca   About the Project: NOTE: The game is mostly complete, but there are several things that need to...
  6. Making myself available for writing tasks (free of charge)

    Hi all. I'm a programmer and sometimes writer. Lately I've fallen into kind of a creative lump, so I thought I might explore an area I've always taken an interest in: writing for games. I understand there's little need for writing in games, and "narrative design" is a buzzword of much allure...
  7. Skijarama

    The Oracle Spheres (UPDATE 1/20/2015 - Screenshots added)

    The Oracle Spheres Project Recruitment   Hello. As I am sure you can see by my username, I go by Skijarama on the internet, but feel free to just call me SJ.   Now, for the proejct itself. I will cover three things before I get to the recruitment details. 1) The game itself. 2)What this game...
  8. Tornado Samurai

    Your Way of Starting a Game Story?

    I'm in the process of beginning a game and have the basic things to begin, however, what would be your recommendation of good story progression and development? Would you rather recommend plotting everything out beforehand (beginning, middle, all sidequests, settings, puzzles, betrayals...
  9. TheBrogrammer

    The Silent Protagonist.

    Hey everyone.  What are all of your thoughts on silent protagonists? Are they a way to immerse the player into the game, or is it just a cop out on the writer's part?  (Both?) Do they deserve to stay in RPGs and other games, or should they just go extinct? What situations call for a silent...
  10. I need help writing a simple plot in a Fantasy world

    Hi there it's Cybrim, I'm trying to come up with a story, but this is a short one with an optional quest and the actual quest. I would like to come up with an easy to understand plot like Dragon Warrior, "Princess is kidnapped, (option to save her), Kill the Dragonlord." something like this, but...
  11. Alkorri

    Alkorri's NaNoWriMo Motivator Machine!

    Dear mods, this isn't game-related, I don't think? So I'm posting it here. Feel free to move it if not :) Ladies and gentlemen! There seems to be a number of people here (four, I counted so far) who are doing NaNoWriMo this November. As a mere one-time winner, I just thought I'd offer my...
  12. Bazinioli

    'New Beginnings' Simulation Game Recruitment

    Well, hello there! I am Bazzinioli on the forums, but you may call me Josh. This is an idea I had, and I don't really have a title yet. Right now it is 'New Beginnings', but will be changed later as it is merely a placeholder. (Let me know if you have any suggestions) This is a free project...
  13. Randommerade

    Rising Sun - Life Sim Recruitment

    My name on here is Randommerade, but you can call me Sam if you desire. This is going to be a smallish project, alongside others, to "warm up" for my big one. The main inspirations are The Sims series, Harvest Moon, Skyrim, Celestial Dance: Shift the Tide, and other sandbox games...
  14. Dragonspeech

    Dragonspeech's Corner

    I am very much a creator, crafter and the like. RPG Maker software has led me to one more fantastic outlet other than the traditional stuff. So far it has been an interesting learning curve with various tutorials as I vaguely remember tinkering with XP for a short time. Though, if I remember it...
  15. defunct-user

    Artist's Block--How do you get over it?

    Art is art, here. If you're an artist of ANY sort (Writing, drawing, crafting, singing, whatever) you're BOUND to get blocks from time to time. What do YOU do to get over it when it hits you hard and seemingly won't go away? Any special methods you'd like to share? Share away! Maybe someone...
  16. nelze

    The Insindious Project [Recruitment] - Closed for Redevelopment

      Under Redevelopment. This post will be updated in the future.
  17. Alkorri

    Alkorri's Proofreading Workshop - CURRENTLY CLOSED!

      (Now OPEN until further notice!) (Limited Time only)   Welcome to my workshop. Need a fresh eye to look at your game thread? Do you need someone experienced and meticulous to check for grammatical mistakes in your game?   For an indefinite time, I am offering...
  18. Astellise

    Code Carousel Recruitment

    ☂  ℂℴDℯ ℂARℴUSℯL ☂   Hello. We're a small development team composed of mainly of artists and we're currently making two games of two different genres: Dusk, an adventure sci-fi and Memoria, a psychological horror game. We are mainly  looking for people willing to help out in the...
  19. 5:Day:Summer

      Introduction: Hello, and thank you for visiting the 5:Day:Summer (5DS) project thread, where I do my best to keep all of the information for this game and its development up to date.   5DS is a game developed over 33 days between the afternoon of May 29th, and the late afternoon of July...
  20. Ksi

    Ideas in Ink: Secondary Perspective

            Ideas in Ink is a series of topics dedicated to practising writing by assigning writing exercises over a month, each on different aspects, themes or genres. What you write is up to you - poetry, brainstorming, short stories, longer stories, lists of ideas... everything is welcome and...

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