1. Merryjest

    Ah, l'amour~ Let's talk about romance in games!

    I usually don't care for romance in games unless they actually serve a purpose. There are a lot of games that have romances that come out of nowhere, and that honestly feels like trying to cash in on the silly woovle foovle sentimentality (Oh, hi, Tidus and Yuna... you two should have drowned in...
  2. Kain Vinosec

    Kain's Stuffage

    Edit: No idea why but this posted like three times so I'm clearing the posts because for some reason I can't delete them...
  3. Clord

    [-Writing-] Writing an RPG: What not to do.

    Rule number 2 feels like tackled on to make the list longer. Even a major companies after the initial planning, change a storyline majorly during the development stage rather easily. Granted in solo project's case it can be a lot more work. Finally it boils down to individual ways to develop...
  4. Des

    Making Memorable NPCs

    Making Memorable NPCs Yo. Today I feel like talking about NPCs. I've played a lot of amateur RPGs and nearly all of them feature the same copy-paste "welcome to this town" NPCs. Lazy game developers will treat NPCs like scenery—like they're just a part of the map and not living characters. The...

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