1. Hisao Shou

    [VXAce] Moghunter's XAS ABS - States cannot be inflicted twice

    Hello everyone. I'm actually facing a pretty problematic issue with the XAS ABS System, where I inflict to the player a certain state by "picking up an" event, but if the player attempts to pick up the same event after the state is over, the same state does not get inflicted anymore. I do not...
  2. XAS "Add on" script request.

    Hello ! I searched somebody to do this, but nobody around me had enough knowledges about the XAS 0.6 of Moghunter to do it. Maybe around here can help ? What I want is maybe a bit complicated. What I want is that when an ennemi is looking on Up or Down direction that he throws no attack. I...
  3. Otto

    Requesting add-on or modification for XAS abs script

    'sup guys. Wile taking a small break from my main, bigger, rm2k3 project, I'm working on some easy peasy stuff for rmvxa, and I'm working on a small hack&slash-like title that revolves around the XAS Active Battle System, which I think everybody knows ('tho I'll post the script down there for...
  4. JokerBen

    ABS Script Request

    Hello, I am in dire need of an Action Battle System for Ace. I had a perfect one, The Sapphire Action System IV, but it lacked one feature that was necessity to the game- party members participating in battles. I know tons of battle systems exist, but I'm looking for the trusted members of...
  5. Vis_Mage

    [ACE] XAS Real-time Cooldown

    Hello! :) Recently, I have been trying to use Mr. Bubbles Real-time Cooldown script with the ABS script XAS.(Here is a link to the original XAS script, and Here is a link to an English download of the script! NOTE: I'm using Ace!) Mr.Bubbles script has built in compatability with XAS, and...
  6. Vis_Mage

    [ACE] XAS Swap Skill on Button Press

    Hello! :) In my game, I'm using the ABS script XAS Battle System (Here is a link to the original XAS script, and Here is a link to an English download of the script! NOTE: I'm using Ace!) In this script, you typically have to "equip" or select a skill to set to a skill hotkey. Changing to a...
  7. Anyone familiar with the XAS v3.91 battle script by Moghunter?

    http://xasabs.wordpress.com/xas-v3-91-by-moghunter/ I wanted to know if there's a script add-on that you can give each enemy a certain number, and it compares with your hero's level. If your level is lower, the enemy will not get knocked back when you hurt him. If your level is higher, the...
  8. I need a small script addon for MOG - XAS PICKUP AND THROW

           This script is giving me a single problem which I cannot patch using common events. I am using a custom version of XAS Ace 0.6 which has this script called ("MOG - XAS PICKUP AND THROW v1.0)". The version of XAS I am using does not support 8-directional movement graphic support, only...
  9. nio kasgami

    XAS - Kyofu No Saku Edition

    Original Title : Xas きゅふぉ の さく なぞ 系 / XAS Kyofu No Saku Nazo kei Alternative name : Xas Kyofu No saku enigma System Script edition : Awake (BETA) Original Author : Xiderowng (for XAS)  Other Author : Nio Kasgami (for Kyofu No saku Edition)   Introduction  did you ever dream to do a awesome...
  10. How to hide a monster if im using XAS script?

    I want to hide a monster when player go into the map, and unhide it when a certain switch is turned on. How can i hide the monster?
  11. Kim Jong Feel

    XAS Actors - What Should I Use?

    I just finished getting some nice sprites for my new game that's using the XAS (Xiderowg Action System) for the two playable characters, the main hero kid and his friend-that's-a-girl, but after I put them into the game I realized that the equipped weapon or shield doesn't show when you attack...
  12. RainbowGrenade

    XAS ABS Enemy Comment Help

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting a boss enemy to shoot projectiles and do touch damage. I've looked through the manuals, but the English ones I've found don't have the comments set up properly for ACE. I'm at my wits end. I'm currently without internet, so I can't do tutorial videos, since...
  13. nio kasgami

    About XAS Followers in ace

    Hello sorry for the bothering but I wanted to know To HOW make the ''followers'' attack with you in Xas ace version because I saw in the most recent video of moghunter-kun  who have the second actor actack with you...but I don't find a way to put this.... somenone can help me?
  14. Event Call/Spawn Script

    I found a little line of code  $game_map.events[evID].moveto(x, y) this acts like the event command 'set event location', I put it in an event with a conditional branch so that when I pressed a certain button it move an event right next to the hero. This got me thinking, could you make a...
  15. Need video tutorial for XAS Hero Battle system

    Hi super awesome tutors out there who I'll definitely credit for helping me. I really need VIDEO tutorials (best uploaded via youtube) on the XAS Hero battle system. Website For direct download. Here is a link for VX ACE. VX Ace And VX. VX Here is a link MANUAL on how to use the system...

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