1. Lord Vectra

    RMXP Deciding on a leveling system

    So I'm deciding on a leveling system for my game. In this thread, by skills, it means proficiency. It's how well you're skilled with fire magic, earth magic, swords, axes, etc. It ranges from 1 - 100 but at the start of the game, everything is at 15. I'm trying to decide how I'm going to...
  2. Lord Vectra

    RMXP Damage Formula/Physical Defense Predicament

    So I'm using Rpg Maker XP, and I've been playing with the damage formula, and I have a few ideas and want to know what you guys think. This is mostly me trying to figure out what to do about physical defense. This is a game where you put points into the stats you want per level. I know it...
  3. atoms

    Question on "RPG MAKER VX ACE & XP HERO PACK".

    Hello, I think I understood right, that with this pack the "40 Hero characters" from "Characters from VX Ace:", (the SV Actors)? and Facesets are not allowed to be edited in any way? (It might correctly actually be just the Facesets?). Which would mean either #1 I am not allowed to set a...
  4. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (XP version)

    Hello, guys! So, as already mentioned in my introduction thread, I have decided to share my original assets also on this forum, so all the english speaking folks over here don't get left out. I did not post some of my older assets, since they are pretty dated by now. But if you want to check...
  5. callmedan

    [XP] How do I trim Ccoa’s UMS gap?

    When I use a command of the script, it will leave a gap at the end of the message line. The more command you use, the bigger the gap will get. It’s okay in normal window mode, but it’s not cool in FIT_WINDOW_TO_TEXT mode in my opinion. Is it possible to trim the gap and how do I do that? Ccoa’...
  6. Lord Vectra

    Counter Attack Effects

    I've been deciding how I wanted to do counter-effect abilities. I'm using RPG Maker XP (fyi). So, about counter effects, I had the following ideas but I don't know what to do. Ideas Subtract X damage from the first hit and then counter Reflect X damage from first hit and then counter Subtract...
  7. DantonSlip

    Parallax mapping

    PARALLAX MAPPING (almost) Hi! I'll share here a simple way to make something that looks like a parallax. It will allow you to make beautiful maps easily! PREREQUISITS: - Photoshop (or Krita, CSP, Gimp, whatever you use to make your assets :LZSsmile: and if it's a first time for you, Krita...
  8. Gabbypie64

    Free for Commercial Use

    Terms of Use & Credit Template Credit: Gabbypie64 @https://www.deviantart.com/gabbypie64/ Non-Commercial: free Commercial:Free(if you want more tiles tell me and I might add for a fee) Repost:Yes but link to me Edits: yes but link me Repost of Edits: yes but link me
  9. VitaliaDi

    Thoughts on To the Moon? Made in XP

    If you haven't played this game: warning potential spoilers ahead. I have a friend who loves this game so much he's played it more than once and sent it to me and watched me play it. It also has an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam out of all 30,000+ reviews. However, I couldn't even...
  10. Why did RPG Maker use Ruby?

    Out of curiosity, why did RPG Maker use Ruby? People did some really cool things with RGSS, but there are hardly any games outside of RPG Maker that use Ruby. I couldn't find an answer to this but I'm quite curious. Another way of asking this is, why don't/didn't other engines use Ruby? I can...
  11. Qeo

    [RMXP] Enemy HP Error

    I already posted a thread about this but it was in the wrong section. Basically enemies have slightly more [sometimes double] the HP they should have, and sometimes less. My Timed Hit script was edited to be able to use skills in menu, but strangely that's when enemy hp issues and crashing...
  12. Brave_Hero


    Hello, everyone!! I start a project on RPG maker MV, and using the XP version too. I pretend to make maps conected, like in pokémon games, The legend of Zelda Games and etc...But i don't know how to connect my maps. Can you help me with vídeos teatching how conect my map, on MV or XP? PS...
  13. Ebanyle

    XP Tree Remaster

    A lot of people like to use the XP tilesets in the newer engines, but since it's style hardly matches that of most tilesets used in those games, I decided to paint over some of them. It doesn't look like VX RTP 100%, but it will surely blend better with it than the original one. Please grab the...
  14. atoms

    If you have many, many party members, how do you encourage players to try some of them?

    So let's say you have 10, 15, or even more party members. Let's say only 3-4 are in battle at a time too, but to keep this broad yes let's say 5 can or even 6 characters can be in the battle at once. Still though, even then, there are many more side-party members. So, in any of those...
  15. telepathic-melon

    rename project in rmxp?

    ok i know this should be a ridiculously easy thing to figure out but i have searched and i have no clue how to rename the game i made in rpg maker xp? when i made the project i made the name a placeholder name and now i cant figure out how to change it also sorry for the stupid question and...
  16. Abashi76

    Mod Request : Awesome features R2K3 to XP

    I have looked up this issue, to see if there are any mods to bring back R2K3 features into newer RPG Makers. The reason is, I loved those features in R2K3, especially the battle sprites for the player (since it looks stupid on RPG Maker XP). Not only that, R2K3 has a built in system to allow...
  17. Abashi76

    Bugs that randomly happen and can't be fixed

    I was trying to make an animation show on the map, which I have done many times before. This time, the battle animation won't appear on the map after my NPC walks to another spot on the map. This I have done two times before. I have tried everything, even switching to "parallel process" from...
  18. VitaliaDi

    RMXP BURDEN: an RPG Horror [RSE]

    Burden The title is also the theme and you’ll discover more about that as you play. Greg is an ordinary family man thrust into extraordinary circumstances. He has a lot of hard choices to make that he isn’t quite prepared for. Another addition to the multiple ending RPG Maker Horror genre...
  19. TruBeast

    Educational RPG - NPC that that changes based on PC level or abilities

    Hey all, first of all I'm REALLY new both RPG Maker and this forum (first post - yay!!), so sorry in advance if I do not use correct terminology or post structures :). I'm currently working on my 1st RPG designed to help my kids to assist them in areas they are struggling in a way that's in...
  20. callmedan

    [XP] Large event collision script?

    I'm looking for a big event script for XP, that allows you to specify a single event that covers an area larger than a single tile, for the purposes of collision. I googled it and found 2 scripts by Shaz and Hudell, also a MV plugin by Shaz, but I found nothing for XP. Large Event Collision...

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