1. tale

    XP Chests reformatted (front/back, left/right)

    I reformatted XP Chest for compatibility with VX Ace. Despite the alternate style, direction of facing left/right are available. Preview- Front/Back Left/Right Mimic Terms of Use If you own a copy of RPG Maker XP- you can use them for RPG Maker projects. Free to use in...
  2. LydiaIsTired

    Script for party members following behind your character?

    I'm using XP but I'm most used to VX ace lite. I like the sprites and battle system on XP best (And it's what I could afford) but I'm really attached to a lot of the stuff in VXal. I figured out how to show character graphics when they speak, but I'm too scared to try and dive into the script...
  3. oolongdistance

    Should I Buy VX Ace?

    I bought XP a couple years ago, and while it works just fine, there isn't much content for it anymore. Every time I look up things like "RPG Maker XP custom tileset" I only get results for content of VX Ace and MV. There are also a lot more VX Ace tutorials around than XP tutorials, and that's...
  4. Doodads's Editor- Embellish your maps with this editor compatible with RPG Maker XP, VX and ACE

    Author: Newold Version: 1.0 Type: Custom Mapping System Compatibilty: RPG Maker XP, VX, ACE. Update: Version without dll include to the end of this post Updated: 10-06-2019 (See end of this post) With this tool you can enrich your maps with different images (even animated images). In game, you...
  5. Tonedawg181

    Slightly Randomize Amount of XP Gained For Each Character (SOLVED)

    EDIT: Skip to my second to last comment on the thread for a working result. (near the middle of page 2) So, in most rpg games (not made by rpg maker) not every character receives the same amount of XP after every battle. For example: In Final Fantasy 8, whoever had the killing blow on the...
  6. Rebuilding Secret of Mana in RMXP

    Secret of Mana in RMXP Introduction: Includes: Planned in the future: Updates: 20181111: 20181101: 20181020: 20181001: Regards Matze
  7. Tayruu

    Transparency colour in RMXP 1.05 editor

    I've been using the old RPG Maker XP version 1.04 from years ago because the transparent colour in the editor actually works. (Also a more transparent DRM.) From what I can tell, everyone seems to have issues with the transparency in the editor in 1.05, where the colour used for alpha areas...
  8. Abashi76

    Diagonal Movement : Should be possible because its too simple

    Diagonal Movement : Should be possible because its too simple! I don't get why you can't command a sprite to move diagonally because all you would have to do is have the sprite use the pictures in a pattern by moving to the next picture adjacent to the one just bellow it. Think about it this...
  9. Aurelle

    Program-breaking Issue - DPI?

    I have scoured forums all over the internet and still can't seem to find an answer to this program-breaking issue that has been stopping me from using XP for days. My computer resolution (default) is 3200x1800. My DPI scaling (default) is at 250%. After downloading XP with no issues, it would...
  10. atoms

    Dungeons. What are your dungeons like and how do you handle them?

    My previous thread was sepifically about random enounter rates in dungeons, but that was too general a topic to really comment on, so instead I'm now asking everyone to share what they do with dungeons and what they are like. Below are just some example of questions you can think about, you...
  11. Hollow 1977

    What is your motivation?

    Hi everyone. I would like to ask what your motivation is to creating your game. Was it something you wanted to do after playing a game. Or maybe you played a game and wanted to make changes to make the game better. Or just thought it would be awesome to create a game. Whatever that motivation is...
  12. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo's massive XP giveaway

    Good time of day folks. Quite some time ago I was knee deep in making RPG maker XP games. Ah, memories... I made a lot of stuff for those too... Only now I have stepped up my game considerably and making higher-rate graphics for my project, but I do have a ton of leftovers from my previous...
  13. Lord Vectra

    RPG Maker XP Equip Scene

    I need a XP script that shows all the stats in the equip screen and how they change when equipping and unequipping something. I've been dabbling in the default scripts but I can't seem to get it to work, so I wondering if a XP scripter can make one for me.
  14. Mooshry

    (XP) Bide/Fly/Dig/Dive Skill

    I'm making a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game on XP, and i need to make a Bide skill for Cubchoo and others. And of course, because XP is the most unknown, obscure, mysterious, unused game engine EVER, there were no scripts. Only for VX and MV. (WHY DID THOSE EVEN SHOW UP?! I SEARCHED FOR XP!) As...
  15. ItemNazo

    [XP] Skill Self Inflicted State without Common Events

    What I'm trying to get is when a character cast magic/skill The Caster get inflicted with a state let call it "Tired" this cannot be done with common event due to anyone able to equip any magic or skill in my game.
  16. Morlock_Chef

    Morlock's Kitchen

    Credit: Morlock_Chef, Kadokawa Non-Commercial: These resources can be used for non-commercial projects Commercial: For commercial use, please contact me (ryan.hammel@gmail.com) Repost: Do not repost my material. Edits: Are allowed (much of it is edits anyway) Repost of Edits: Credit me as...
  17. Mooshry


    I'm making a game on XP, and i wanna make a world map. For that, i need something like the regions in VX and MV. So, each region is a Terrain Tag, and the enemy IDs are set in the script editor. I would like this done before the end of summer BTW. And, each region would have a different...
  18. FAGC54

    (RPG MAKER XP SCRIPT) Revolving doors (Pokemon Fortree City Gym)

    Hello everyone!!! What i'm trying to do is a revolving door that moves when they're pushed by the player, more like in Fortree City Gym from Pokemon R/S/E. I leave a link to a youtube video so those who don't know what i'm talking about can understand. These revolving panels can go in both...
  19. ShinyRedUmbreon

    Text Always White Only Help!

    I'm making a game and one of my characters has no SP(or in my case, PP). But the problem is the text ends up orange because the actor has no SP. I want to make it white because the character is supposed to have no SP. Help! Here's the picture: (look in file) Help please!!
  20. melancholy-sama

    Melancholy-sama's Character Workshop (XP/VX/VX ACE/MV) (CLOSED)

    Hellooo, I'm Melancholy-sama and I am longing for making some new sprites, facesets or busts for your game! I can draw character portraits for you game and even make sprites for them! Samples TO DO: 1. Tuomo L - Really Burly Big Muscle Demon 2. comedianmasta - Pangolin Sprite 3. EMPTY DONE...

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