1. ShinyRedUmbreon

    How To Show Custom Name For Text!

    In case my wording was weird, here is a example: I named my character Ninten(making a Mother 1 remake), because you were allowed to name your party members. But the bats Ninten equips all say something like "Ninten can USE this weapon best" or something like that. Problem is if the player were...
  2. vico

    Use RMXP windowskins on MV (plus change windowskin via events)

    I was searching for RGSS scripts and found this one who lets the maker use RMXP-like windowskins in VXAce, so i begin to wonder if could be possible to make an equivalent plugin for MV. Another thing is make a way to replace the windowskin ingame (perharps using a equivalent of Call Script from...
  3. vico


    I was thinking about changing the default save location to RMXP game saves, and the only way to get the "Saved Games" folder (from WinVista+) is using this api. The docs are C++ oriented, but is there any way using Win32API to get the path from one of these GUIDs? Thanks in advance!
  4. Nightblade50

    XP Style Battle System?

    Does anybody know of a good battle system for RPG Maker MV that looks similar to the one used in XP? I liked the look of those battles a lot and kind of miss them.
  5. Avery

    Graphic Hacks! - Workarounds for everyone

    Hello o/ This is Avery and today I am going to pretend I had no idea how to draw or pixelate. While doing so, I will face certain graphic problems most developer meet while creating a game and show ways to deal with them. Probably you already know some of them, but hopefully there is one or...
  6. callmedan

    XP RTP vampire walking sprite

    Hi! I'm looking for walking sprite of the vampire in XP RTP. If you know where to get it, please let me know. Thanks in advance! :kaoluv:
  7. callmedan

    Looking for XP white tiger sprite

    Hi! I'm looking the tiger in XP RTP recolored into white. Recoloring it into other colors would be easy but white is really complicated to me. If you know where to get it, please let me know. I expect it could be like this. (this sprite was done by Sithjester) Thanks a ton!
  8. astrocurl

    Warning Labels For Your Games!

    :kaosalute:Hello Fellow Gamers !:kaosalute: I was recently browsing around the web, and playing a few classic horror RPG Games when I came across the thought that someone may find this useful . I've created a PSD Template for your RPG Warnings ! You can edit the text, colors, even add some...
  9. callmedan

    Japanese monster charset

    Hi! I'm in need of Japanese monster charsets. Maker Format: XP Art Style: XP RTP or Mack size Description: I'm looking for Kappa charset but if there are more kinds of monster would be nice :) Thanks a ton!
  10. lixerman99

    Is there a script to create a distortion effect in XP?

    I was searching for a heat distortion effect for RPG MAKER XP, and found the following: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/map-effects.13941/ I believe the script does what I would like, but the script is for VX. There is also a video which shows the effect: But this script is...
  11. jordanblake

    Looking for a this type of character generator with facesets

    I been loking in the web for some generator with this type of character style sheet and faces, idk if is xp or vx ace graphics but i really like this type of style,sadly all the post i've found or most of them,are pretty old and the links broken,also if is posible to generate the sprite sheet...
  12. callmedan

    [SOLVED] Help me make a down pose for this character

    Can anyone help me make a down pose for this sprite please? He was murdered by his debtor. If you feel uncomfortable to add blood, you don't need to do that :p Thanks a ton! P/S: I'd like the pose look like this
  13. Rycharde

    "RGSS player has stopped working" on many XP games

    Most XP games are throwing the "RGSS player has stopped working" error immediately after starting. Nothing appears on screen, and the ones that have a soundtrack in intro plays one or two notes then a short one note sound then stops. This happens through Steam and downloaded free games that I...
  14. callmedan

    PandaMaru's XP blacksmith full walking sprite!?

    Hi! I need the full poses of PandaMaru's XP blacksmith (I mean the 4-dir walking character, not the one with hammer). Can anyone here can help me make it please? If it has been already available, please let me where I could get it. Since I can't repost it here so you can download it...
  15. Claydo

    XP Item Synthesis Shop (KH & FFIX)

    I'm looking for a script that allows the player to create items from other items similar to the synthesis shop in Kingdom Hearts. I have provided an image from Kingdom Hearts and a mock-up of what I'm looking for below. This shop takes items from your inventory to make a new item along with a...
  16. Claydo

    Game Over calls common event help?

    I just spent a long time googling this and have yet to find a solution. I want my game to call a common event when I die outside of battle (I have no battles). I already have a common event that checks if I have a revival item in my inventory before deciding if I really go to the game over...
  17. Claydo

    View Equip Stat changes

    What I am trying to do is change the left window of the equipment screen to show the "->" only when stats are actually different when changing equipment. By default it will show the following when I equip a new weapon: ATK     1 -> 2 PDEF  1 -> 1 MDEF  1 -> 1 I would want it to...
  18. Haven Frost

    Claptrap sprites

    Here are 2 Claptrap designs I made, The yellow one is "CL4P-TP" and the red one is "Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap". I made them myself so please add me into your credits if you use them for commercial games. I am making there face grapics and more Claptrap sprites to add to my Claptrap...
  19. callmedan

    Dancing charset for XP

    I'm looking for dancing sprites for XP. Hmm... Let me think how I should describe it . A man and a woman dance at a ball. They're having a waltz. That's all I could do :( Here's the characters Please let me know if you know there's any character set like that or sort of template or tutorial...
  20. Is there a plugin for a more advanced exp gain system?

    I am looking for a plugin where I can give each character exp determined by their actions. They gaint extra exp for using a skill, killing an enemy, successfully guard an attack and so on. If anyone know of a plugin like that, or even would go out of their way to make one, I would...

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