1. Tornado Samurai

    [XP] Where to find city/village tutorials?

    I'm currently in a slow process of creating my game and I'm having some trouble creating large locations like cities and villages. Does anyone know of any good RMXP City/Village Tutorials around?   - Tornado Summoner
  2. SuperMasterSword

    RTP Tent Interior Tileset

    I would like to request a XP-style RTP-style tent interior tileset that matches the tent found in the default "Grassland" tileset. It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't even have to have a floor, I could always just use grass. I'm not in a hurry, I'm currently using the default exterior tiles...
  3. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    RPG Maker XP VS VX Ace, Mapping, Scripts or others?

    Hi all, I'm sure alot of you have XP and VX Ace (or some did a trial maybe) anyways this is the question I am about to ask you... Do you like VX Ace better for it's mapping stuff, or it's scripts? And... Do you like XP better for it's mapping stuff, or it's scripts? VX Ace has much better...
  4. SWAMPFOOT9000

    Xp anime charset help...

  5. Pink Peach

    XP to Vxace Sprite Converter [HELP]

    Hey, I've been trying to find an XP to VXace convertor that will convert whole folders and the subfolders within. I have not been successful in finding one so please help (I don't know if I started this topic in the right place. If I have not, sorry.)
  6. nio kasgami

    Xp Mapping layers

    Hi I just succeed to have a copy of xp and this confuse me a lot ! I mean all people say this a awesome mapping and such! but I don't know how to really use them! I mean what is the use of the layers? exemple what the third layer serve this what I mean! thanks if people can answer my question!
  7. _Shadow_

    [LEGAL STUFF] From the past

    Saw another thread but did'n hijacked, tempting though, so here I am, making a new thread. I know which RPG Maker edition is illegal and which is legal. After all, it's easy to spot them since the legal ones cost some money and can be bought from well known places like the official online shop...
  8. Kuro Neko

    Modification of FEXP

    Hello guys, i don't know if you guys know about this: http://forums.bwdyeti.com/index.php?showtopic=433 It's a fire emblem battle system written on RMXP by bwdyeti. (Yeah, i love the gameplay of Fire Emblem, but i don't want to use the whole system without any creation). But for now, i'm really...
  9. Arriebar

    Animated Side View Enemies Help??? [XP]

    Hi ;A; So I'm having a bit of a problem, and I apologize if this has already been asked, but how do you get enemies to be animated on a loop in side view? Like a bird flapping its wings or something. If it makes any difference, I'm using Side View Battle System XP by Atoa. Also how would I go...
  10. zigzack54

    RMXP Caterpillar script?

    I just recently got back into RPG Maker XP. I love the style of RMXP and felt an itch to start a project with it like the good ol' days. The problem i am seeing now is that resource sites for RMXP have dropped like flies! One of the biggest things I am looking for right now is a simple...
  11. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    When do you think the next RPG MAKER ENGINE will release?

    When do you think the next RPG MAKER ENGINE will release? Is ENTERBRAIN working on one or still thinking of it? When do you think it will come out? Maybe 2015 or later. Can't wait to see it. Or are they even making another? It's the question for these forums... 
  12. pakupirahna

    Scene_Title Line 142 Error

    I am new to RPG Maker XP, and I am having an issue. Normally, when I get to the title screen of my game, I am able to play. But for some reason, a new window comes up when I click "New Game" in the title screen. Help me please?
  13. MobiusXVI

    Battle Sprites not Showing

    So I was working on a script to customize some aspect of the DBS and I went to playtest it via the battletest button in the database. It loaded up fine, but neither the actor nor enemy sprites were displayed and the command windows weren't showing up either. I assumed I must have made a mistake...
  14. Yuffie-chan

    Resources collection in RPG maker VX ACE help!

    Sorry if this is not the right place to ask but am wondering if someone with much more knowledge than me could just have a look at my question?  :( I want to use some of the art and tiles from the following 'mega pack' of rpgmaker xp resources from RPG PALACE. The link bellow has the pack and...
  15. Shelby

    Why is RPG maker XP maps so big!?

    Ok so I know what you are thinking! OMG she still uses XP!? Yes sadly ;_; you would not believe some of the slum I have to work on. But it just seems to me that even when I lower the room size to the lowest it will go the room is still huge! Is this just me? Am I going crazy? I use Ace to and...
  16. Crazy_Leen

    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    Hello everyone~ After a long time, I finally was able tof ind a reliable way to post my ressources again! I hope I didn't miss anything, but everythinge ssential for MV and Ace should be back; including my original Retro-Set! --Leen Rules: If you want to use my resources, please credit me...
  17. Shelby

    XP Grappler Battler edit

    This is a battler edit we did a few years back, thought I would post it for some variety. It's from RPG maker XP. He's like a vampire!
  18. SuperMasterSword

    Actor's name in message event even when renamed

    Basically I want the player to be able to name his/her character. I know that Name Input Processing will show the changed name in the menu and battles but I want to be able to use message events and still say the new name. For example, say "Philip" instead of "Aluxes" or something like that. If...
  19. Does anyone know of a program to force windowed mode?

    I use a lot of RPG maker games and I'm on a 1920x1080 monitor. Now, VX/Ace have relatively easy to use scripts to just make the windowed mode bigger, but XP does not. I have found a few resources for XP but the most success I've gotten is a large window with still a tiny game and the rest is...
  20. LPMalakye

    Hello Everyone ^_^

    Hello Everyone,    It has been a while since I ran RPG Maker last and I am looking to sort of make a comeback and re-experience it. I mostly was using RMXP and played a little bit with the newest VX/Ace but since it has been out for a while I figure theres a lot of resources and tutorials now...

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