1. Script converted from XP to Ace?

    Can somebody please help convert a script from RPG Maker XP to RPG Maker VX Ace? http://moonpearl-gm.blogspot.fr/2012/11/monnpearls-animated-battlers.html
  2. Fixed turn order

    Hello. I've recently run into a problem and I'd like to ask for help. I'm working on a very small project with an extremely simple combat system, as I need complete control for most of the things that I have planned to work properly. I've already managed how to eliminate most random events, but...
  3. battlers a la rpg maker xp (yanfly compatable)

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a script out there compatible with yanfly engine that will show battlers for the party members a la rpg maker xp? I've seen a couple that do something similar, but they have whole battle systems attached to them. Maybe I'm missing one? Thanks!
  4. Special Sprites for XP

    Hello, I'm in need of some interesting sprites, so I have asked the community for help, and any service anyone can provide would be amazing so... Firstly: I need sprites for Rodya carrying a fainted Maria. Like with her long ways, and him carrying her with both arms. I don't really know if...
  5. Randommerade

    House upgrades - Decorate your house! (XP Ver.)

    So I put together this quick little tutorial for XP users. A VX/Ace version will be coming soon :) This tutorial shows you how to make a simple system for buying/upgrading items in the player's house/hideout/shelter/whatever you wish to call it. :P To make the most out of this tutorial...
  6. Randommerade

    Trying to make a hunger, energy, karma system with CCTS

    So I'm trying to make a hunger, thirst, and karma system using this guide to make the HUD and such, but rather than the system going by the number of steps to deplete hunger and thirst, I wanted to use this time system script so that your hunger and thirst deplete as the hours go by, and that...
  7. Jomarcenter

    Game Character hub Help

    Hello I am new to the game character hub program Via the Bundle and the tutorial say VX ace have a specific Saving Process for VX Ace. When I check I cannot find the specific Saving Process. Can you teach me how to set it up for VX Ace as well for other RM products Like XP.
  8. Avery

    Where to find RMXP resources x)

    Heyho^^   Sometimes it's hard to find the reources you need for your project, therefore it's good to know, where the stuff is located. Since I primarly use RMXP, here's what I collected through the years.   Some links and descriptions are by the lovely slimmmeiske2, thank you <3  ...
  9. CheshireJelly


    Hey... I'm somewhat new to RPG Maker Vx Ace and I was wondering if someone could help me... You see I'd like the attacks and enemies and things like to blance out... I've tried and I only seem to make the enimies too difficult to kill or the player is over powered... I want a system like that in...
  10. Sortis

    Script problem with Itmelimit

    Hi guys, i cant not find my last post :( okay i make it again... I have a problem with a script MOG Item Limit V1.7 and heres the Problem http://s1.directupload.net/images/140509/2gfeptsp.png please help me :(
  11. Convert Vx project to XP

    Hi my question is simply but the answer may not be: there's an automatic process/software to convert a VX project (rvproj extension) to an XP project (rxproj extension) ? If not, what I have to do to convert manually an entire project? Thanks in advance
  12. Korimax

    Main Characters' Sprites (VX to XP Style)

    Okay well I am working on getting my Project to go from Ace graphics to the beautiful XP Graphics, part of that includes sprites, and one of those sprites would be my main characters. So my request is simply a sprite set of said characters in an XP Style (But in 3x4 frames since I will still be...

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