1. RMMV Can't figure out how to spread actors further apart on Y axis

    I have used VE_BattlerGraphicSetup to use enemy battler images as my actors on the battle screen. However given that the default side view actors were much smaller and the enemy battler images are much bigger, now I can hardly see my actors because they're stacked so closely together on the Y...
  2. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV YEP Anim SV Enemies Animation Off-Centre (Static battlers)

    Hi everyone! First of all this is like my second post ever so I hope I put it in the right spot >< I've been having this issue with my project for months now and I've put off trying to fix it because I have no idea where to start. I have C# knowledge but zero Java experience. Using Yanfly's...
  3. p0_boy

    The Illusion of Depth/Distance Using Scale

    Howdy, folks- I started on a basic script which uses @Aramis-IX 's Sprite Zoom plugin to increase/decrease the player's size depending on where they are located on a map's Y axis to create the illusion of depth/distance. Rather than have it run as a parallel process, I tried adding an event...
  4. Jonath4nC

    Change actor zoom/scale and speed according to Y axis?

    Hi all, So there's a really cool script here that allows you to scale actor's and event's size. I want to see if I can give my game a depth perspective, so I'm wondering, is there a way to alter the actor's scale depending on his/her y axis along individual pixels (not by grid)? So the further...
  5. How to change Y position of text box

    I have been playing around with the window script. I was able to change both the box's lenght and width and even its position on the x axis, but it doesn't seem to register changes in its Y position. Is this possible?

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So, I've been wanting to do this randomized logic puzzle in my game for years now. I finally figured out how to do it by using arrays and a few small script calls. It's based on the Einstein Fish Puzzle! :D Though, I have no idea how to actually have the player put in answers.... might start a thread about it.

The projectiles shown in this video are as follows:
1, Basic Triple
2, 30-Degree Arc
3, Randomized Blast Wave
4, 8-way
5, 8-way Double
6, 8-way Slowness
7, 120-Degree Arc Repetitive
8, Projective Triple
9, Split 8-way
10, 2-way Split Randomized Arc
11, HP-MP Split Arc
12, Split Laser
13, Shock
14, Cosine
Drop shadows and water reflections tests in RPG Maker VX Ace

I'm doing a fairy tale project Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman. I'm almost done with the demo in my native language and I intend to make a demo version in English as well. I'm just going to use the translator because I don't know the pronunciations very well, I only know how to say "Hey" and nothing else.. :kaoswt2:

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