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  1. Dr.Yami

    Battle Damage Popup

    Battle Damage Popup Introduction Provides damage popup for battle. Some people does not want to use YEA - Battle Engine, and some other popup scripts does not compatible with some battle scripts so they might want to find another damage popup script, this is your solution (lol). This script is...
  2. Dr.Yami

    Pop Message

    Pop Message Introduction This script provides bubble messages feature, which makes message window pop over player’s or event’s head. Features  - Make message window pop over event or player head. - Have a bubble tag show on event or player head. Screenshots Download & Manual Get them here...
  3. Dr.Yami

    Skill Shop

    Skill Shop Introduction This script provides a skills shop where player can buys skill from. Each skill can have an unique requirement and costing. Features - Can manage requirements and costing freely. Screenshots Download & Manual Get them here Author Note - I release this as a...
  4. Dr.Yami

    Equipment Learning

    Equipment Learning Introduction This script provides a feature which allows actors to learn skills through their equipments by earning Ability Point (AP). Player now can have one more way to learn skills. Features - Can learn more than 1 skill in an equipment. - Can have different AP...
  5. Dr.Yami

    Skill Equip

    Skill Equip Introduction This script requires the player to make decisions as to which skills to bring into battle for each character. Player must equip and change skill in each slot for characters to make the best tactic. Features - Can change slots number by equipments. - Each actor...
  6. Dr.Yami

    Dash Stamina

    Dash Stamina Introduction This script provides stamina feature for dashing on map. Dashing will comsume stamina and be disable if run our of stamina. Features - Provides Stamina. - A small window shows stamina. Screenshots Download & Manual Get them here Credit Yami
  7. Dr.Yami

    Hospital Prizes

    Hospital Prizes Introduction This script provides prizes for party when uses hospital services. Features - Nice layout (From Yanfly's Hospital in RGSS2) - Easily to control prize requirements. Screenshots Download & Manual Get them here Requirement Hospital Scene (Updated...
  8. Dr.Yami

    Battle Engine Symphony

    Battle Engine Symphony Introduction A new battle system for RPG Maker VX Ace. At the moment, It's providing a sideview battle and a language for customizing skills. There will be many add-on in the future to make it better. Features - Visualize Battles - Customize Skills - Easily Install - Many...

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