yami engine

  1. Overlay Mapping Question

    Hello. I don't use the forums often so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've recently decided to do parallax mapping instead of only using tilesets, and as such I've learned about overlay mapping. From what I've searched online, I've only been able to find Yami's scripts for overlay...
  2. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Yami's Skillshop - Script calls doesn't work?

    Hi! Just trying to figure out why the script calls I'm trying to use doesn't work. I use them in sync with Mr.bubble skillshop script and they are taken from Game_Actor. I have been able to use these before, but I just can't get them to work anymore. The script calls are taken from Game_Actor...
  3. Dr.Yami

    Battle Control

    Introduce I'm now doing some battle mechanics for Ace, and making a multiple-battles control, so You can change battle mechanics ingame. I have just finished 3 battle types: Charge Turn Battle, Turn Based Battle and a version of Press Turn Battle. However, that PTB is not included here because...
  4. MooshraKun

    YSE - Overlay Mapping

    I have a question like in this demo there are trees that aren't passable at the trunk how do you do this? How do you make certain parts unpassable.
  5. Sophien

    YSE - Guardian Summon

    Nice script really :D but that dont work with active time battle ... :D know why?
  6. ShadowFox

    YSE - Guardian Pairing

    I'm loving this script system and it does almost all I want in my game. However I am not sure if this is in the right topic for your script... The only thing it does not do is allow 2 separate types of guardians to be paired to a character, so is there a way for that to happen? With a...
  7. YSE - Guardian Basic

    is there a way to heal a guardian? because i have one of my guardians with a healing spell and the guardian can only target one of the actors in the party and this is outside of battle any solutions besides healing in battle?
  8. Dr.Yami

    YSE - Spread State

    Yami Engine Ace - Spread State Last Update: 2012.03.11 Introduction This script will make a skill can spread states on target to another battlers. How to Use - Copy this script and YSE - Basic Module into your project. - Use these notetags for skill or item: <spread ally: x...
  9. Dr.Yami

    YSE - Aura State

    Yami Engine Ace - Aura State Last Update: 2012.03.11 Introduction This script will make a state be an aura. Aura state will inflict another states to party or troop until Aura state goes off. How to Use - Copy this script and YSE - Basic Module into your project. - Use these...
  10. Dr.Yami

    YSE - Patch System

    Yami Engine Ace - Patch System Last Update: 2012.03.17 Introduction This script will help you make patches for your games in order to fix bugs for Encrypted games. Patch file is a single small file, players can copy it to game's folder. Features - Patch Maps and Database. -...

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