1. PresaDePrata

    Yanfly's battle engine + Yami sideview enhancement

    Hi Makers, So, I've been testing the unison between Yanfly's Action Sequence and Yami sideview and was wondering how do you define a custom motion with Yami Sideview and use it on an action sequence. I have created a custom one called 'Ki' as below: <Sideview Battler Motion> Name: ki Index...
  2. dreamfall887

    Yanfly Battle Engine Script Edit Request

    Hi everyone I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine script for VX ACE and Yami's Battle Symphony. It's been working fine so far but I wanted the faces in battle to be centered like this: But this bug keep happening when the second character attacks an enemy: Could someone edit the script to fix...
  3. YED Sideview Battler Change sprite mid-battle

    Hi, I am using Yami Sideview battler and I would like to be able to change actor and enemy sprites in mid-battle (e.g. an actor transforms, or an enemy changes color to prepare for a skill, etc). Please note that I do NOT want to change the actor, just the sprite. It can be done in a snippet of...
  4. JRand

    A working plugin for using Holder-style sideview battlers in MV?

    I am using the Medieval PVG spritesheets. Currently, I've been using Yanfly's animated SV enemies, which worked perfectly for the MV-style sheets. But, not the Holder ones, obviously. I've tried Yami's Sideview Battler plugin. It does allow Holder-style sheets to work, but in turn, it breaks my...
  5. Krystek_My

    More than three weapon frames.

    Hi! I have a simple question: Is there any way (script) that will make the weapon have more than 3 frames? I am asking cause I want to my battlers have more than 3 frames(Yami's scipt). Thanks in advance. P.S. I know Rexal's Plugin, but it doesn't work with Yanfly.
  6. Robert-Character Creator

    Stamina Script working incorrectly

    Hello. I'm using Yami's stamina script, where there is a stamina bar when dashing. However, the "auto-hide" function does not seem to work correctly. To start, it is meant to disappear the stamina bar when you aren't dashing, after x frames. However, this only works the first time per game...
  7. Krystek_My

    Weapons and Yami Multiple Frames

    Hi everyone! I have a question: I am using Yami Multiple Frames. Can I do something like this but for weapons? For example my swing motion have 5 frames can I add to a weapon, a sprite sheet to weapon with 5 frames attack that will be show together when hero attack?
  8. Jatopian

    Yami - Retain State on Death - NoMethodError

    When using Yami's "Retain State on Death" script (found here) the game seems to crash when a character dies while having a state that should not be retained on death. (In the attached example this state is MP Regen.) The error message box says "Retain State on Death:87:in `block in die'...
  9. Damage animation for actors

    I'm using Yanfly's plugins for battle and yami's sideview enhancement plugin. Everything is working fine for the most part, however when one of my characters gets hit they don't do their damage animation. All of the other animation I've set up work just fine and I've set up damage the exact same...
  10. error with Yami's sideview enhancement plugin

    Hey everyone, I've recently added Yami's plugin my project. I believe I have everything inputted correctly into the character notetags, but every time I try to test play the game I get the same error message. Typeerror cannot read property 'name' of undefined Has anyone else seen this error...
  11. djDarkX

    Tiled Tutorial (RPG Maker MV Edition)

    So you want to use the Tiled plugin to gain more control over your mapping but just aren't quite sure how to get started or might be scared you would break something? No worries! I've created a video tutorial to help you get started with the basics! It's nothing fancy, has me stuttering in a...
  12. Overlay Mapping Question

    Hello. I don't use the forums often so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've recently decided to do parallax mapping instead of only using tilesets, and as such I've learned about overlay mapping. From what I've searched online, I've only been able to find Yami's scripts for overlay...
  13. Papillon Effect

    How do you add sprites for diagonal movement?

    Hello, We are using the Yami 8 direction plugin and wanted to know how to add sprites for diagonal movement? I also found this video on the Victor Engine showing their diagonal movement and it has sprites for the respective angles. I'm guessing I just have to make the sprite sheet in a...
  14. mucka33

    Compatibility Issue: Yanfly Sideview and Yami CATB [SOLVED]

    Hey guys, should be an easy fix but I'm not super great at scripting in rpgvxa. In-battle, the character moves forward when it's their turn, and they return to their initial position when their turn ends. Even after the last enemy is defeated, they're supposed to return to their default...
  15. MagicDoogies

    Help with Multiple Frames Sideview Plugin by Yami

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm having a bit of an issue in regards to the animation sprites with this plugin. My friend and I are collaborating on a game and he ended up making sprite animations that had upwards of 6 frames of animation. This is currently my sheet setup: The document size is...
  16. Cinderbird

    Equipment Learning - Grey out skills for some actors

    I was tinkering with this awesome script from Yami:  trying to replicate the learning system from FF9, but i ran into some trouble as I could not figure out how to make skills available for some players, and unavailable for others (as the main charaters in my game tend to share armor types...
  17. asasinsonic

    YED_SideviewBattler Enemies

    This is an exact problem LadyBaskerville was having. But his solution, given inserting <Sideview Width: x> into the notetag, causes a new problem. Due to adding the width the size of the spritesheet, in battle, it recognizes the enemy's hitboxes the size of the given width, causing my actor to...
  18. asasinsonic

    [Multiple Frames Sideview Plugin by Yami] Problems adjusting animation speed/framerate

    I've been having problems adjusting the speed for a sideview battler sheet for Yami's Multiple Frame Plugin. Simply i want the framerate speed to be at 30, but changing it to anything else, like 1 or 50, its the same, and sometimes its not? I'm probably doing something wrong but its not made...
  19. Xecy

    RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Multiple Frames Sideview Plugin by Yami type error need help please

    Hello! I have tried using the side view Plugin by Yami and I just cant seem to get it to work. Every time I start up the game I get an error message called. "Type error Cannot read property "toLowerCase" of undefined. Hopefully someone is familiar with this script and could help me out...
  20. S.Court

    [VX Ace]Yami's ATB Lunatic CATB start question

    Hello, I have a question I'm using Yami's Classic Actime Time battle script and an add-on called Lunatic CATB Start and I want to make a starting formula tag allows me to make the start rate is from 0 to X%, I tried to create a new method in the CATB Start script, but it doesn't work, can some...

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