yanfly action sequence

  1. marbeltoast

    Yanfly's action sequence plugin poses problem for scripting amatuer <RESOLVED>

    Good day, all. I'll be brief and clear. I'm using Yanfly's action sequence pack 1 and also his enhanced TP plugins. I'm trying to create an attack (Let's call it "Momentum Swing", for reference) that uses how much TP the attacker has when they start the attack to determine the damage, as well...
  2. Yanfly Action Sequence No Longer Working

    Hello. I started using Yanfly's AS plugins (2 + 3) several months ago, and it's been working wonderfully. This morning I decided to see if I could use SkillCore to add something to a specific skill, but upon adding the plugin, suddenly my AS animations no longer work! I immediately deleted...
  3. Guardinthena

    How to create Element Wall Skills

    I am new to making skills and do not understand all the ends and outs of it, so please bare with me. I want to create a number of elemental wall skills. These skills would summon in, in this example, a wall of fire on the enemy(ies). I want it to remain for X turns, and the animation to...
  4. Low

    Olivia OTB and Dragoon Jump possible?

    I am converting into Olivia's OTB system and I had yanfly's dragoon jump ability set up prior. It currently does not work as it should for reasons beyond my skill level. I am unsure if it should be modified or redesigned from scratch for this new system. Can anyone help? here's the current Jump...
  5. Azar

    Yep_x_ActSeqPack Error!!

    Hi, I am using Yep_x_ActSeqPack 1, 2 and 3. When I battle test and attack no damage occurs. I follow this tutorial by Echo607; This is the code that I wrote inside the attacks skills parameter. <setup action> display action if user.attackMotion()!=='missle' camera focus: target...
  6. Rizelmine

    YanFly plugin chant animation on wind All 3

    Hello I am trying to get the shooting motion (Missile) to happen before the wind all 3 animation but what ends up happening is the character chant animation, the Wind all 3 animation AND THEN the firing motion and the wind All 3 animation. here is the script I'm using <Target Action> motion...
  7. Need Help with YEP – Action Sequence, Targeting Random Enemies

    So i want to make a skill that jumps foward attacks 2 random enemies than jumps back. I wrote this: <Target Action> move user: forward, 200, 20 jump user: 20, 20 wait for movement wait: 5 motion thrust: user action animation: targets wait: 5 action effect: targets wait: 40 move user: return, 20...
  8. Mirai Ko

    Yanfly Action Sequences - Adding Multiple States with a single entry

     In my project I have my states separated into a group of positive states that can be removed, negative states that can be removed, and states that simply can't be removed at all. I wanted to create a cure all type skill or item that removes all negative states that can be removed, and figured...

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