yanfly ai core

  1. RMMV Yanfly Ai-Enemy attacks with more moves if a state is applied to them

    Hello, I want to make an enemy wizard that needs to chant before casting a spell. I want the chant to apply a state of chanting that makes that wizard take more damage/more vulnerable, but they can then cast a spell the next turn, then they lose the status effect. I'm using Yanfly's AI...
  2. RMMV yanfly ai core priority help, regarding enemy select skill

    about yanfly AI core I set priority for the enemy, condition state 51 on actor. how to make the skill select random? I want the enemy to only use what is in the box without using action patterns when actor is state 51. set ai core lv 100. the enemy continuously picks skill 131, no 132 till...
  3. Kingkoala

    Yanfly AI Core, Enemy Battler, "User State Check"

    Hey I'm trying to set up an AI Eval Where the enemy will check itself for a state and if they have that state they will use a certain skill. I've gotten to a note tag of: Eval user.isStateAffected(x) === Skill, Target and maxed out the AI lvl, but it doesn't seem to...
  4. Zerothedarklord

    ATB Spellcasting Inquiry

    I am currently using Yanfly's Core Engine, BattleCore, X ATB, Passive States, BattleAICore as well as Buffs/States Core. Is anyone aware of any way using any of these (or any other plugins I may not have listed here) to create a State that is passively applied and removed ONLY while a...
  5. Hungry Moogle

    Yanfly Battle A.I. Core: Help with setting up enemy escaping behavior

    I was wondering if I could some help with setting up an enemy A.I. behavior wherein when the enemy forces have been reduced to a single remaining enemy, the sole survivor will run away. I've been trying to setup this behavior with Yanfly's Battle A.I. Core plugin, using the following AI...
  6. theolis-wolfpaw

    Yanfly AI - Enemies not Targeting Correctly

    Oh boy, so I've been making these wasp enemies and have been running into so many issues, simply because they interact with other enemies. First I couldn't get them to keep track of how many of them there were, now I'm having trouble getting them to target a flower. I know that sounds weird, so...

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