yanfly atb

  1. Cyndi4U

    RMMV How to make Yanfly ATB Battle System not stop gauges when selecting skills

    I'm trying to create a real-time battle system where combat is frantic and fast paced, where you're constantly trying to input things faster than the enemies' attacking. I thought I could use Yanfly's ATB battle system, but when you select a skill all the enemy gauges stop filling, allowing you...
  2. Zerothedarklord

    ATB Spellcasting Inquiry

    I am currently using Yanfly's Core Engine, BattleCore, X ATB, Passive States, BattleAICore as well as Buffs/States Core. Is anyone aware of any way using any of these (or any other plugins I may not have listed here) to create a State that is passively applied and removed ONLY while a...
  3. Ameer

    Sumrndmdde's Hud Maker and Yanfly's Atb

    Hey i am using Yanfly Atb and Sumrndmdde's Hud Maker so i wan't to make some Gauges for Atb can someone tell me what script i should use in max value and in base value
  4. Falcon At

    Trying to balance Yanfly ATB/CTB

    I know perfect mathematical balance is difficult/impossible, but I like having formulas to reference and guesstimate by. It really helps me get a feel for what will fly and what should die.  That being said, I'm not sure how Yanfly's ATB and CTB systems work. I love the idea of using them, but...

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