yanfly auto passive state

  1. captainproton

    Add specific item upon kill?

    Sadly, i get very confused when altering code beyond a couple of numbers.... One of my characters, Enoch, is a necromancer with a summon skill using an item called Necroplasm as a skill cost. I was wanting to equip him with a passive "Harvest" state that allows him to automatically add...
  2. alcreator440

    YEP Auto Passive State & Passive Auras Lag

    Has anyone encountered this problem and/or a fix to it? Yanfly said in his recent version(1.17) that he optimized it but I don't see how since the lag is just as bad as the previous version. I'd be willing to pay someone a commission to fix this issue if they can.
  3. residntevl

    Restoring Lost Items After a Defeat

    Have you ever been playing a game with a feature that returns you to some safe place after battle? What about maybe you're in a Dream Sequence and you lose the fight. You also lose all the really powerful healing items you said you'd never use until you really had to use them. With this neat...
  4. Dcraft

    Yanfly Auto Passive States

    I am trying to make a state which increases the attack, but the state only triggers when the hero is affected by another specific state like poison, there is a skill in pokemon called guts which works exactly like this. Guts raises the ability-bearer's Attack by 50% when inflicted by a major...
  5. apply Bobstah CustomStats to Yanfly Auto Passive State

    Hello everyone. First I thank you for your kind reading this article. 1) I tried to apply Bobstah's Custom Stats Plugin to Yanfly's Auto Passive State in all-day 2) But Custom Stat Plugin only works on states by skill-using. 3) Although I don't have knowledge of javascripts, I opened...

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