yanfly battle core

  1. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV Yanfly Battle Core: Adjust Home Position X to be left diagonal?

    I'm sorry for the confusing title, but I hope the thread will explain what I mean better. I've actually been making backview SV battlers to fit a more isometric-styled view. In the default actor lineup in battles, the row is right diagonal (↘). But the style of battlers I'm making are intended...
  2. DawnStar

    RMMV [Solved] YEP STB Bug - Side View battlers are not animated properly

    It's kinda hard to explain this with words, but when using Yanfly's STB (Standard Turn Battle) extension plugin alongside the side view battlers, a strange animation bug occurs after actors have performed their action. You can see this for yourself by installing YEP Battle Engine Core and...
  3. KingKraken

    Formula for party size specific battler position? Yanfly's Battle Core

    Using Yanfly's Battle Core, it let's you play around with the default positioning formula for the party members as a group, within battles. One issue I'm running into however, is that if the party is full, they settings are perfect. However, with just one or two members in the party, it looks...
  4. Lex1253

    Any way to make YEP_Battle_AI/YEP_BattleCore and MOGHunter's Chrono Engine cooperate?

    I've been having a lot of trouble with these three plugins cooperating. I know Yanfly's plugins and MOGHunter's plugins don't really get along, but this is something I'm in dire need of, as it's a key mechanic in the combat system for my game. I can't do Javascript code to save my life, and I...
  5. Random Panda

    Skill Animation Layers

    Has anyone managed to find a way to have a Skills animation play in front or behind of a targets Z index depending on its position? For example, if there were two enemies, Target 1 and Target 2 and you attacked Target 2 which was in the back, the Skill animation would still play on Target 2 but...
  6. Random Panda

    Yanfly Battle Engine Core Battler Positioning Question

    Hi All. I was wondering if anyone knew if you can use conditional if statement in Yanfly's Battle Engine Core X and Y Positioning for battlers. I was hoping to do something like this for the Y position. if ($gameParty.members().length == 1 (800)) else (500 + index * 120) Basically, i would...
  7. Random Panda

    Yanfly Battle Engine Core and YED Sideview Battler issue

    Hello all, Maybe someone here can offer a little help. I would like to stop skill names from showing up in battle. So with the Yanfly battle core, I used this method of of doing so: Yanfly.BEC.DefaultActionSetup = [ ['CLEAR BATTLE LOG'], // ['DISPLAY ACTION'], ['IMMORTAL'...
  8. Zerothedarklord

    ATB Spellcasting Inquiry

    I am currently using Yanfly's Core Engine, BattleCore, X ATB, Passive States, BattleAICore as well as Buffs/States Core. Is anyone aware of any way using any of these (or any other plugins I may not have listed here) to create a State that is passively applied and removed ONLY while a...
  9. desertbriar

    Actor command submenus in battle

    I'm aiming for a minimalist battle ui as an addon/minor edit to yanfly battle core's ui but don't know how to create submenus or where to edit the code. I'm also using the yanfly row plugin.
  10. Final_zero

    Mog battle hud Tp bar

    Hi there. I'm using MV. So as of current my game does not use tp. I have a mixture of plugins, First is a bunch of yanfly plugins. Core engine: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/09/yep-1-core-engine/ Battle core: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/10/yep-3-battle-engine-core/ And mogs battle hud...
  11. Rook47

    Yanfly Battle Core issue

    Hi i am trying out the yanfly battle core JS and it is showing the enemy sprites but is not showing my actors and I can't figure out what I need to change so it is normal like the default battle screens. Edit: it looks as almost if like over half the normal battle screen is cut off.
  12. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Hello. I managed to recieve some great help the last time I posted a problem so I'm going to try here again. I'm using Yanfly's Battle Plugins and had a question regarding the <Post-Damage Eval> function. I'm trying to create a skill where if you hit an enemy's elemental weakness (Defined by if...
  13. SergeofBIBEK

    Action Sequence Proxy 1.00

    Action Sequence Proxy 1.00 SergeofBIBEK Introduction Allows you to set up common Action Squences to be called on later from within another action sequence. This is useful for organization, easy updating and managing skills, and even adding loop functionality to your action sequences. How to...
  14. Luminous

    Yanfly States Manager convert to MV

    I just found something maybe interesting. How about add the icon states to the help window at battle scene? When you battle some enemies and make multiple states we can turn off the automatic pop up and just show it at help window - just like the old vx ace did.   this is the current help window...

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