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  1. Random Panda

    RMMV Getting an Actor Variable help

    Hi All, I am currently making a regenerate state using yanflys buffs and states core. This is what I've got so far: <Custom Regenerate Effect> var m = $gameActors.actor(person affected by state) var d = Math.round(0.1*m.mhp) var KO = false Game_Interpreter.prototype.changeHp.call(this, m, d...
  2. DarkMetaknight

    RMMV [Solved] Additional extremely high display values from startDamagePopup in <Custom Establish Effect> notetags

    Bug Description: startDamagePopup Additional Number When using Game_Battler.startDamagePopup(), an "extra", extremely large number (the likes of 80000000000+) along with the normal damage number(s) appears. This happens with both single target and AoE reactions. Sometimes this "random" number...
  3. RMMV [Help with Yanfly's Critical Hit Effects] The paste code seems to be not working.

    I want to introduce passive states that can be obtained through out the game that give different benefits, ranging from stats to unique effects and one of those I want to do is Critical Hit Effects and I found yanfly's example and for some reason it is not working. Other codes from his...
  4. DJOfChaos

    RMMV [SOLVED][YEP Buffs and States Core] A state which gives the target's normal attacks a chance to instantly kill "weak" enemies based on their stats

    I'm trying to create a state which allows the target's normal attacks to inflict instant death on enemies if their maximum HP is lower than the user's Atk stat. For example, if a character with 300 Atk has the state applied, and they attack an enemy with 299 or less max HP, let's say there's a...
  5. sheeshkebab1812

    Is it possible to create a skill which does increased damage per hit of the same target?

    I'm looking to make a skill which increases damage when targeting the same opponent. My idea was to have a variable which would +3 whenever it hit and -1 whenever it wasn't targeted (Can't go below 0) so the damage would slowly increase but not revert to 0 when hitting another enemy or using a...
  6. Random Panda

    RMMV Temporarily disable damage pop ups while under a state

    Hi all, I’m trying to make a state with yanfly buffs and states core that would work like this: while a character is invisible they regenerate a little health. I have this all working correctly but the only thing I’d like to do, is not show the healing pop up numbers on the invisible character...
  7. Random Panda

    RMMV Finding the element of an attack for Buffs and States Core

    Hi all, I am trying to set up a state that does this: Enemy gets a state If that enemy gets attacked with a specific element while in this state: increase a specific game variable. I am using yanflys buffs and states core and am trying to set it up like this: <Custom React Effect> if...
  8. Ravenith

    RMMV Help with Yanfly plugins & (stackable?) damage-altering states.

    Hello there. I've been trying to use Yanfly's plugins to set up a few states for a game I'm working on. For the life of me, I can't seem to be able to figure them out by myself. These are: States that cause the target to deal +X% / -X% physical damage. States that cause the target to deal...
  9. RMMV How do I round numbers in yanfly buffs and states core

    Hey guys I'm currently trying to create a Magic Jammer effect in the buffs and states core I have the pre created one yanfly made but im struggling trying to change it to my needs. I have it set to block a percentage of the main characters health but it keeps giving me a bunch of decimal numbers...
  10. RMMV Using Yanfly's buffs and states core and animated sv characters to change the sprite of an enemy when affected by a state.

    So I wanted to make it so that when an enemy is affected with a state, their sprite would change. I would use the sideview sprites to animate the enemy but I want that sprite to change to a different one when the state is applied. I used the buffs and states core to change the actor faces when...
  11. Zega

    RMMV Escape Plan State

    Hello again, I'm trying to use Yanfly's Buffs & States Core and Skill Core, and I need help with a status effect and a skill inspired from Team Fortress 2. 1st: Equalizer (Skill) Damage increases as target's HP decreases. Maximum DMG: 200% (Doubled) Minimum DMG: 33% (Lowered) When enemies...
  12. RMMV Swapping HP and MP values

    I want to create a state that swaps the users hp and mp values when they enter the state, and unswaps them when they leave the state. I am not sure how to code for this (I have tried messing around with Javascript and custom apply effects, but to little avail). (Necessary details end here...
  13. RMMV Ascent (Demo Available)

    Ascent is an RPG-Roguelike where the Elites are other party members. Going through the tower, the enemies, loot, events, and shops are randomized, and you'll form together your team based on whatever comes your way. You'll start with a character you get to choose yourself, and immediately get a...
  14. zerobeat032

    Requesting Motions For States...

    I was wondering if anyone was aware of exactly how to request a motion from a sideview battler using a state. I was wanting to use something other than Abnormal. I saw code for plugin using guard as the motion during a state. I tried something along those lines of wording and it didn't work. I...
  15. State Which Adds A Percent of One Parameter to Another Parameter

    Hi, I need help with figuring out how to implement this in the script of a state. (I am using solely Yanfly plugins, so I'm assuming it would only need Yanfly Buffs and States Core to create this state.) For example: a state called "Velocity" increases the actor's Attack Parameter by 50% of...
  16. How to make a skill do more damage according to target's stack counter?

    I'm completely unfamiliar with javascript, so I've been playing by ear, altering some examples by yanfly. I'm trying to get a skill to do more damage when the target has higher stacks of a state. I'm unsure if the solution would be to change the state's script or to change the skill's script so...
  17. jayholden

    Yanfly Buffs States Core - Custom Remove Effect

    Hi, I'm trying to use Lunatic Mode on Yanfly's Buffs State Core plugin to apply state 2 after state 1 ends. Here's what the plugin documentation says: <Custom Remove Effect> code code </Custom Remove Effect> I'm not sure exactly what goes in the code section. I know it's supposed to be...
  18. Combining DoT Stacking and Stockpile Split Up/Conditional Animations

    Hi, I've been messing around experimenting with stacking DoT using Yanfly's plugins in my game recently and I've been wondering whether it's possible to have an animation change once, say, the maximum amount of stacks is reached. Does anyone know if this is this possible, and if so, how? As a...
  19. Need Help Finishing Some States (using Yanfly plugins)

    Hello everyone. I'm interested in making some states that have on-contact effects. For example, one state I would like to make is a physical taunt effect that has a small chance (15%) to paralyze any foes that make contact with the taunter. I believe I can make this effect with a combinations of...
  20. cub36

    controlling variables with a state.

    Hi guys, I'm currently using Yanflys Buffs and states core to add to or subtract from a variable whilst a character is affected by a state. However my JS ability is next to non existant :( Does anyone know how I could control variables through note tags or point me in the right direction to...

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