yanfly core engine

  1. Chrishare247

    RMMV Changing Actor images when a subclass is selected?

    Hello all, I'm using yanfly's Class change and sub class plugins and I wanted to be able to have characters change their face image, and battler when choosing sub classes. The way my game is set up, All characters have a default Primary class that can not be changed. They can however, change...
  2. SirLovealot

    RMMV Problem with YEP CoreEngine and MPP_MapLight.js

    Hey GameMakers! I've got this ErrorMessage after I activated MPP_MapLight.js: Any Ideas how I can fix it?
  3. maliyana

    RMMV Issues with Yanfly's Counter Control

    I'm having two problems with this plugin. My setup is to have a party member use a skill that gives them a state, which allows them to evade and counter a single attack. The first problem is when an enemy attacks the party member, the player evades and counters, as expected. However, the enemy...
  4. Resize Face Graphics To Smaller Dimensions

    Hello! Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. This is my first time ever posting in a forum! With that out of the way, I am trying to resize faces generated with the character generator to smaller proportions. I am using both YANFLY's Core Engine and GALV's Message Styles. The goal here is to...
  5. Yanazake

    Battleback render problem - Moghunter LMBS + Yanfly core (SOLVED)

    Alright, this is more specific since I looked around a bit more. Basically, the battleback rendered in mog's LMBS plugin is stuck to the 800x600 size. I tried editing settings in Yasnfly's core through RMMV windows, tried to edit rpg_core.js on the "Initializes the graphics system" part, and...
  6. [Help with Menu Layout.]

    Hello there everyone! I'm not to sure if this is the right place to post this, do excuse me if I'm wrong. I apologize. I am currently working on a customized menu for my game. As I was working on customizing it to make it look different to the standard menu. I came across some issues with the...
  7. Resizing Battle Animations with Yanfly's Core Engine

    So I'm fairly new at this, but have quite a few plugins installed already. Using Yanfly's Core Engine, I increased the screen resolution to 1920x1080 to match my computer. It looks beautiful, with one issue. Whenever an attack is used with a group target animation, it is way too small. I assume...
  8. ZeeGee

    Changing Enemy's HP Past 6 digits (999,999)

    Ok, I know you need the Yanfly Core Engine plugin for this to work.  After setting new enemy hp to 8 digits (99,999,999) in the plugin,  i make a new enemy but still cannot set it past 999,999. How to make sure this will work?

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