yanfly doodads

  1. LoserLumaSil

    Torch Light Doodad

    Just a simple torchlight for Yanfly's Doodad Plugin. Simply save it in the light/animated folder with the name "torchlight[4x1]" and it'll show up as an animated light. By default it's orange. Feel free to change the color to match whatever light it's supposed to be for in your game. Change the...
  2. Archeia

    Convert a Tileset to Single Images using Pyxel Edit

    A fast and quick tutorial on how to use Pyxel Edit and convert a tileset to single images. Download Pyxel Edit. Open Pyxel Edit. File -> Import -> Import Tiled Image(s). Load the Tileset you want to convert. Set the correct Tile Width and Height on the newly opened window. Press Import Tiles ->...

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In related news, I may have an update for my old Extra status window plugin ready. That is, once I manage to sit down and update the documentation... and the demo project... :kaoswt:
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