yanfly engine ace

  1. mucka33

    Yanfly Sideview NoMethodError

    Hi all. I have a frustrating glitch occurring with Yanfly's Sideview (Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.01) script. In battle, the characters step forward to attack, and then step back into place when their attack is done. However, every once in a while (seems to happen only when I have 4...
  2. Oscar92player

    [VX Ace]Toggle Fullscren option

    NOTE: This is not accord with the Fullscreen++ script, but with the default fullscreen mode. Hello again, everyone! Now that I have an answer to my question regarding the fullscreen mode, now I want to add an option inside the game to give the user to toggle between Windowed and Fullscreen...
  3. BoncuPleky

    YEA Compatible Target Help Window

    I have a question... Is there any possible way to readjust the help window when targeting an actor/enemy? I'm using Luna Engine and Yanfly Engine Ace, and currently, it looks like this: As you can see on the screenshot above, the name display is a bit off. I believe it's because the...
  4. Zacyia

    [VXAce] Tankentai or YEA Issue-Repeating skill

    Having an issue with either Tankentai or YEA. Any skills that I use when testing my project, will continue until the targeted enemy(s) is dead. So if I use "Sweep Kick", it keeps hitting the opponent until they die. Any Ideas on what could be causing this?? -Update- Ok so the skill isn't being...
  5. BloodletterQ

    Yanfly Engine Ace Battle Modifications

    Hey everyone. I would like to make a few modifications to Yanfly's battle engine for RMVX Ace. 1: I want to remove animations displayed on the party as it is front view.  2:I was able to remove the faces, but I would like the shrink the window down to cover the empty space. Ideally, it would...

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