yanfly grid free doodads

  1. fanaticmouse

    Yanfly's Doodads issue

    I've tried very hard to rely on existing threads whenever I encounter a problem, but I suppose one must ask for help sooner or later :kaocry: Anyway, Yanfly's Doodads has been working well, but I've run into a..weird issue. I hope this is the right place since the issue only crops up when the...
  2. Phoenixsylph

    [Problem Resolved w/ Yanfly doodads not saving, Was a PC issue.] [Will report for removal]

    Just test on hand, an actual file of something I was working on as well as a brand new file. I show the folders, everything is where it needs to be places, File paths, ect. The new game file I have it in is here [the second one I tested, with just the neccessary plugin files in use.]...
  3. snowy-scales

    FIXED - Battle Back Bug with Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads Enabled

    i'm using the most recent update on steam, and on a brand new project. the only things i've done is exchange the music/battlebacks for the compressed versions, changed the window graphic, set it to side view battles, and changed the screen size in Community_Basic plugin to match the battle backs...
  4. Grid-Free Doodads problem, require assistance

    So I've been using Grid-Free Doodads by Yanfly for about a year or two and it honestly is such a great plugin. It is phenomenal for creativity when it comes to designing. However, the plugin has been preventing me from using it all of a sudden. When I start the game this shows up every time...
  5. Problem with Yanflys' Doodads (Base Plugin)

    Hello there! When I built a map in RPG Maker MV with Doodads' on it - is there a way, when I make a copy of this map (I like to have seperate maps for cutscenes) that the Doodads are also copied with the normal map I made in the Editor? Or do I have to rebuilt the entire map? Thanks in advance!

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