yanfly item core

  1. EblyssR

    YEP_Item Core Equipped Item + Luna Engine

    Hello there! Sorry ahead of time, I'm not very good or knowledgable when it comes to coding and technical stuff, but I'm eager to learn! I also hope I posted this in the correct category, took a bit of a gamble but I think this is more a JS (and my idiocy lmao) issue than Luna engine So, I was...
  2. VesperCire

    Help needed excluding items from the inventory limit (Yanfly's Item Core)

    So in my game, there's collectable items (not key items) that are obtainable through the game. What I want to do here is exclude these collectable items from being counted towards the inventory limit in Yanfly's Item Core. I already have armors, weapons and key items, so it's not an option to...
  3. BK-tdm

    Yanfly Item Core: Get amount of held items?

    One of the few problems i've ran with the item core plugin is that even if you cant buy stuff while your inventory is full you can still pickup items from chests/loot and bypass the item limit. Now if someone could please point me to a script call to get the current amount of items held (the...
  4. Ameer

    Yanfly Item Upgrade Slots Problem

    I don't want Item to disappear after upgrade. Is there a way I can do that because in my game I use books to add states to my items and books just don't disappear after they are used
  5. Fernyfer775

    Deleting database entries using a script call.

    Like the title says, is there a way to force a database entry to be completely deleted or replaced using a script call? For those curious as to why I am looking to do this, in my game, Eternal Twilight, I've recreated an equipment system similar to that of Diablo / Borderlands, where all...
  6. Dcraft

    Yanfly item core - item status

    This plugin displays the base parammeters the armor/weapon gives, what Im looking for is a way to show more than just that, for example critical hit rate or evasion rate an item can give,and also the element modifier it has for example fire resistance in an armor. I have been searching for this...
  7. Yanfly item core plugin error

    While I was using Yanfly Item core plugin, Max HP and Max MP got switched up (picture provided) I checked if it was due to conflict with other plugins so I did a test run with only Item core plugin and the same problem occurred. I'd like to know if there is a solution to this ;( this is the...

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