yanfly item requirements

  1. RMMV [Solved] Yanfly Custom Item Requirements Problem

    Hello, I am trying to create a food system for my MV RPG. I made food items to decrease the characters' hunger on the menu screen, however when I use the battler variable (which should in theory point to the character selected) it always points to the first actor of the party. My itme...
  2. NehpetsYar

    [Solved] Help with Yanflys Item Requirements

    Hello everyone! I'm using yanfly's plugins and I'm trying to work out how to check the characters level when equipping a weapon using his Item Requirements plugin. I read the documentation and I know its going to require a javascript eval using the <Custom Enable Requirement> </Custom Enable...
  3. OmnislashXX

    Yanfly Item Requirements (Again)

    It seems like this plugin needs a bit of reworking by Yanfly. Half the code fails to work. Alright, here's my problem with it this time. Now, I'd like to have my characters learn skills and abilities through items that they can find either through exploration or buying in a shop. These tomes...

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Custom slip rates and custom ailment durations for enemies really opens up the floodgates for status effect use. I can have Poison and Time Stop affect bosses without it breaking their balance! Finally, a healthy middle ground.

(Especially after I cooked up a thing that prevents you from re-applying deadly states more than once in specific occassions.)
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