yanfly item upgrade

  1. Iliassine

    Yanfly Item's Upgrade plugin's question

    Good evening, everyone ! Hope you doing well ! Here I am, I need your help. I recently started using the Yanfly's Item Upgrade plugin, and I'd like to know something. Here, I'd like to know if it was possible, and if yes, how could I make the item upgrade increase the player's speed when...
  2. IssaMeMino

    Yanfly Item Durability/Item Upgrade Not Showing Up

    Hello, I'm currently using Quxios ABS system for my game. Unfortunately, I'm having a problem with being able to view the "Customize" section of the Equip menu. While using skills, I can hear the weapon break sound effect on the map, so I know some aspects of the Item Durability plugin are...
  3. Jachan

    Yanfly's Item-Augment + Upgrade-Item

    Hi, I am doing this neat combination of those plugins together for my sister to play... and yet I find something bit conflicted in my mind as I code around. I would like to have one upgradeable equipment that comes with multiple skills but each upgrade will give each skill, not all skills at...

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