yanfly job points

  1. AllosaurusNE

    RMMV (SOLVED) Yanfly's Skill Learn System (YEP) - Looking To Make Class-Based JP Costs

    Hello! I'm utilizing Yanfly's JP and Skill learning systems to have learnable skills outside of leveling up. I'm a big fan of these mechanics, but there is one thing I'm hoping to accomplish that I'm having some trouble doing with my limited JS knowledge. Is there any way I can have the same...
  2. Mr_Mime_1983

    RMMV Job points resetting in multi battle troops

    I have run into this strange bug where that if I encounter an enemy troop with multiple enemies my job points reset at the end on each actor instead of accumulating. Everything works normally if I encounter enemy troops with only one enemy the job points keep accumulating after each battle. I...
  3. Zakarijazh

    Showing JP in SRD's "AltMenuScreen_BustIcons" plugin

    I'm using Yanfly's JobPoints.js but I can't seem to find any way to force the JP to show underneath the TP bar in the Menu when using SRD's AltMenuScreen_BustIcons.js. I'm not very skilled with Javascript but I'm great at following instructions! Help?
  4. LawrenceindaSky

    YEP_Job Points to Variables

    So I was looking at the video by Yanfly and looking at the plugin description, there was no script calls or any examples to store it as a variable. What my goal is, is im trying to store it into a variable, and convert it to Gold. I have a number slider and stuff that works fine (Tested with...

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