yanfly message core

  1. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV YEP_MessageCore: Is there a way to completely remove the font outline?

    Is there any way, through another plugin or something else, that can completely remove the font outline when using Yanfly's Message Core? Although you can reduce the outline to 0 in plugin parameters, there is still a very faint outline there. It looks pretty bad with bitmap fonts in particular...
  2. Have two textboxes display separately with Yanfly's Message Core

    I've been using Yanfly's message core for moving my textboxes to a different place on the screen, as well as to have more rows displayed. However, I've discovered that if you have your max rows set to a high number (15 in my case) and have to text box commands in a row in the event editor...
  3. TheEnderDraco

    RMMV SyntacError: Invalid or Unexpected Token with Message Core?

    So I have installed quite a few plugins for the game I am currently working on, and just installed Yanfly's Message Core plugin. Now, upon starting the game and inputting the character's name, it immediately gives me a syntax error when before it was working just fine. This occurs even when I...
  4. SilverEagle

    RMMV Yanfly Name Box x position issue

    Hey everyone! I've had a look around and I can't seem to find an answer to this issue I'm having. I'm using Yanfly's awesome message core plugin in a RMMV project and I'm having a name box X position issue. As some of my message windows will be using busts and some won't, I want the name boxes...
  5. Yep Message Core: auto word wrapping not working on my project

    Hello there, I tried to find answers to my issue through the search function but could not. Here what I did: I started a project a few weeks ago and, at some point, switched from native resolution to 720p since almost everybody nowadays uses a widescreen monitor. I then activated auto word wrap...
  6. Rhino

    Yanfly Name Box Change Font

    Hi all, I'm trying to change the font in Yanfly's name boxes. I'm using two fonts in my game, so I have to call the second using \fn<x> When I try to use it via Yanfly's macros or just in the show text it'll change the message window, but not the name box. I'm sure it's just a case of putting...
  7. ZeroGamer24

    Extending the Message Bar Cut-Off Area

    Something I've always been curious about.  How to extend the cutoff line where you type in your messages (points to 2nd image where "myself" is seemingly cut)?  I need to know when it's good to enter another line of text based on the 1280x720 resolution so there's no gap on the right side of the...
  8. averagecelery

    Yanfly Message Core is not working at all...

    So I'm using Yanfly's Message Core plugin (of course), but literally nothing is showing up when I use a message. Windows open normally. The game pauses so the game thinks the message is showing but there's nothing. I've tried doing everything. I used the default version of everything, I turned...
  9. Bonkers

    Yanfly Message Core: Name Window Distortion

    A quick question regarding why this is happening, I have moved the name window down and over to be close to the dialogue window to accommodate a custom picture.  I've altered the system window png and removed the window boarder and texture. Even without the boarder in the png for the system...

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