yanfly options core

  1. HornsterLG

    RMMV Option to turn a plugin line on/off

    I am using Yanfly Options Core and I want the player to be able to turn the following canvas render option on/off (I have a plugin that can change the fullscreen render option. I can manually change the render option by replacing "pixelated" with "auto" or disabling the plugin/ removing the line...
  2. PixelBoy360

    YEP_Options Core Crashes

    YEP_Options Core Crashes here's the error. It happens when I open the options menu.
  3. LawrenceindaSky

    How to add 'Terrax Lighting' Option in YEP_Options Core?

    So, I was able to add quite a bit of options to the Options Core by Yanfly and this is the only one giving me issues. In the plugin parameters, Terrax Lighting has a option to show in the options menu to turn it off (for slower computers) which gives me the impression that I definitely can add...
  4. marbeltoast

    How do I update "Project Files" (Yanfly Options Core) <RESOLVED>

    Hello All! I've run into a bit of a puzzle. I'm trying to add Yanfly's Options Core plugin to my game, but when I run a playtest with it on, it doesn't work. I also get a notification telling me to come to these forums, but it doesn't lead me to or tell me which thread I'm supposed to go to...
  5. I can't get Yanfly's option core to work correctly.

    Plugins Used: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/09/yep-1-core-engine/ http://yanfly.moe/2018/04/13/yep-165-options-core-rpg-maker-mv/ http://yanfly.moe/2018/01/19/yep-162-advanced-switches-and-variables-rpg-maker-mv/ I'll try to explain my problem as best as I can. If I alter the default settings for...
  6. Xavluciel

    How do I add SRD Translation Engine option to Yanfly Option Core's Menu?

    Hi! I'm pretty new here so I'm really sorry if maybe this is the wrong place where to ask or if I could sound actually dumb (I am lmao) My problem is basically that I have installed YEP Option Core plugin in my game and I added keyboard config and some options too, but they all were from Yanfly...
  7. SleepyMachine

    Yanfly Options Core and SRD Options (Windowskin, Font & Language)

    Hiya! So, I'm currently using Yanfly's option core menu thing, and I was wondering how I would add SRD's windowskin, font & language options to it. I get how to add custom options, the problem I'm having is having the option display what it's using (Windowskin option showing which one is...
  8. FleshToDust

    Changing Screen Resolution

    The new Yanfly Options Core plugin is great but I have a question. In Yanfly Engine Core there is an option to change the screen resolution. Is it possible to make a choice in the options menu with Yanfly Options Core called "Screen Resolution" and choose between 720p and 1080p? If a new plugin...

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