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  1. RMMV Can't load battle test. First time MV user.

    Hey guys, I am new to rpg maker MV and I have downloaded the full suite of Yanfly's plugins. I ordered everything in the plugin line up EXACTLY as shown on Yanfly's website, but I can't test any battles now because it is saying I have a bug. I don't know any Java whatsoever, so I was hoping...
  2. Yanfly Action Sequence No Longer Working

    Hello. I started using Yanfly's AS plugins (2 + 3) several months ago, and it's been working wonderfully. This morning I decided to see if I could use SkillCore to add something to a specific skill, but upon adding the plugin, suddenly my AS animations no longer work! I immediately deleted...
  3. Yanfly Equip Customize Command Issue

    I'm having problem with Default Enable in Equip Customize Command, i already change the Default Enable to False but Customize tab keep showing in equip menu. i can hide it with plugin command but cannot make it hide by default. Is there another way to make it hide by default? i got the plugin...
  4. Anarcho-paladin

    How t do: Automatic row adjustment for a character

    Hey there, I'm using Yangfly's Row Formation plugin (http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Row_Formation_(YEP)), with which I built a simple two rows system. Most characters I have in the party can be pushed towards the rear row or pulled towards the front row by enemies, or choose to make those moves by...
  5. nahubun

    Help with Plugin Battle Animation SV

    Using Yanfly Battle engine and its extensions. Want to use different side view action animations for different skills with the same skill type. ex: Character Mary has the skill type magic. She has two magic skills, 'Abrakadabra' and 'Alakazam'. These are both in the magical skill type and...
  6. Afaryz

    Enhanced TP - Help getting the eval for Srdudes Menu Status Customizer

    Hey there, I just try to implement with : my current TP Mode from . I need the actual eval for the TP Mode. With: actor._tpMode i can atleast show the number of the actual Tp Mode. Now is the question how I can display the name? If I use actor.tpMode (Yanfly help file suggests...
  7. Luozcurator

    MOG's Title Picture Command and YEP's Credits Page issue

    Hey guys, I was using Moghunter's Title Picture Commands and ran into a an issue, when trying to link it to Yanfly's Credits Page. The "Continue" and "Options" stop the particle effects, blur the screen and appear above the commands. The "Credits" page doesn't and appears a layer below the...
  8. Bosiphas

    Trouble with YEP Synthesis

    RPGM MV I'm using Yanfly's Synthesis Plugin. I've set up my synthesis items and recipes and I was going to see how the menu looked but this error message comes up? I'm unsure what this means and how to fix it. I've gone over the setup in Yanfly's video a couple times and I've done it right...
  9. marbeltoast

    <Solved> Yanfly's Damage Core - How do I implement "scratch damage"?

    Hello all! I recently installed yanfly's damage core plugin because I thought it would let me implement "Scratch damage", which incase you don't know means a base damage across all attacking actions. Simply put, I want my game's system to be similar to how pokemon works, where even a level 1...
  10. Marzanna

    Yanfly Quest journal plugin Problem

    Hi there, so I'm begginer in RPG Maker and java code, and usually I find the solution of my problem but with this problem I'm lost ~ So, I use Yanfly Quest journal plugin, and when I want click on "Complete" window I have this message from java. I download the plugin in Yanfly website ...
  11. Draconic_Story_Teller

    [Yanfly -- Enemy Levels] Question

    The help section for the for Yanfly's Enemy Levels plugin doesn't offer any help on duplicating the ability Study that was used in the showcase for the plugin, can anyone pass me the script? I'm looking to make an item for it.
  12. OverTheWay

    Yanfly act sequence disable skin cast animation?

    I enabled Yanfly's action sequence pack and my actors get cast animations for skills that are not even magic( animations that are shown on the actor before the actual attack is done to the enemy). Is there anyway to stop those animations from showing?
  13. Getting the "Attack" skill to do different motions based on equipped weapon.

    Hello! I've been tinkering around with RPG Maker MV and Yanfly's plugins, but I've run into a bit of a snag. So I have a character who's weapon type is boots, and I want to make it so the attack command shows him jumping onto the enemy's head instead of the standard weapon swing, and others...
  14. Help with sealing skill types after stealing an item

    In Yanfly's video he talks about stealing a "memory chip" item from an enemy in order to seal certain skills. I would like to be able to seal skill types if an enemy's Spell Book or Magical Staff is stolen from them but I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I've tried using the Lunatic Mode...
  15. SlySlySly

    Main Menu Manager Yanfly does not work.

    Yanfly's plugin Main Menu Manager always does this. I have the latest version, and I don't have random stuff in it. I have a mac. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  16. Cerileyn

    Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies plugin - a couple things

    I thought this topic might best be placed in the general discussion forum rather than in the maker specific question and answer forum, so if it's possible, to avoid spam posting, would it be alright if a mod please removed my question from the maker specific forum?  Thank you for reading :)...
  17. Cerileyn

    Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies plugin - a couple things

    Before I go any further, I just want to say here that the reason this is its own post is because it has been brought to my attention that Yanfly's plugins thread is only meant to report bugs, and not to ask questions about how to use the plugins or seek requests.  That said, moving on... I...
  18. jvcscasio

    Creating an Exchange System through Events

    Hello people, if you follow Yanfly, you know he released a "More currencies" plugin. For those of us who work with games set in our world, sometimes you may wish you could cause inflation, or have various currencies working for different countries. Even if you don't, you can also use this for...
  19. jvcscasio

    Cassio's enemies SV-actors

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a new game and I'm using some homemade enemies because I believe, from deep in my heart, that I won't find these animations anywhere. Most of them will be Brazillian folklore monsters and creatures, upgrading latter to some Lovecraftian deities. You can use these...

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