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  1. RMMV How do I fix the positioning glitch

    Hello, I am trying to create an RPG game using Yanfly's Plugins and at some point, my sv_actors battlers are positioned all the way up on the screen. How do I change the positioning of the characters so that they are in the middle?
  2. BonnieLass

    Compatibility issues with Hime's Hidden Choices and Disabled Choices Plugins

    I've discovered an incompatibility issue while using Hime's Hidden Choice Conditions, their Disabled Choice Conditions, and Yanfly's Extended Message Pack 1. I followed the compatibility instruction shown in the help section of the Hidden Choices plugin and placed that plugin below the others...
  3. Onyxian_Trust

    Shadow and Weapons Help Needed

    Hello. I am trying to finish up a battle tutorial between my game's main character Ricky and another character called Nobu. As you can see... Nobu's sprite is higher than his shadow. The weapon he has equipped, a sword also appears in the position of the shadow and not the sprite... such as...
  4. Accatosh

    SumRndmDde's Summon Core with Yanfly plugins

    Hello! My request is a compatibility between SumRndmDde's Summon Core and Yanfly's battle plugins. Such as: Battle Engine Core Battle System - STB Battle Status Window Battle A.I. Core Actor Auto Battle A.I. Party System Here's the full list of the plugins I use: The current problem...
  5. Plugin Commands and how to use MapSelectEquip by Yanfly

    Hi this is a noob question but how do you use MapSelectEquip http://yanfly.moe/2016/12/03/yep-121-map-select-equip-rpg-maker-mv/ what i have done is make an event used plugin command and entered MapSelectEquip 0002 weapon and i get this this confuses me i would really like help if you can
  6. Neo Soul Gamer

    Advanced Battle Conditions

    After trying to help someone with a Battle Condition issue, it dawned on me that there could be a lot of people in the community who underestimate the capabilities of Yanfly's Advanced Switches and Variables plugin. In the following video, I speak a little bit about how the battle conditions...
  7. dkun

    Implementing Spell Cast Time

    What I'd like to do is to add cast time to spells and be able to specify with each spell how many turns each takes to cast. I can't seem to find any plugin that does this other than Victor Engine's Charge Action plugin. I've tried using it but it doesn't seem to be compatible with Yanfly Battle...
  8. Jachan

    Combination of Buff States problem.

    I am not so sure how to do this but... I do use YEP plugins, including Auto Passive States and few others related, including "Lunatic Pack - Passive Condition Cases". And that's where I come to... You know, when to meet the condition, the state will pop up to activate in effect, yeah? Like, if...
  9. Draconic_Story_Teller

    [Yanfly -- Enemy Levels] Question

    The help section for the for Yanfly's Enemy Levels plugin doesn't offer any help on duplicating the ability Study that was used in the showcase for the plugin, can anyone pass me the script? I'm looking to make an item for it.
  10. Zarsla

    Victor Engine & Yanfly Battle Engine Compatibility Patch

    I want a compatibility patch between Victor Engine ATB and Victor Engine CTB with Yanfly's Battle Engine Core. All I want is a simple plug-n-play plugin that would be place below Yanfly and Victor plugins. It would make it where VE ATB works with YEP Battle Engine Core if both are installed and...
  11. Dual-Wield 2-handed weapons fix with a caveat.

    So, as the title says, I have an issue related to the way that dual-wielding and seal: shield interact, however, the 2-handed weapons part is taken care of. My issue is that I have a few weapons that I want to be able to use shields with, but not other weapons. What I've come up with is that I...
  12. CainReval

    Idle Animation Issues

    So I had been using RPG maker for some time now, and Ive been having some issues with my main character (The one in first slot) having a different idle animation than the rest of my characters. This was managable to a degree when using Chibi sprites because the animation it used was close to the...
  13. Question About Actor Transformations

    I have a question is there a way to use the Actor Transformation, but make it so that there are skills that only certain transformations can use? You know, like the dragon transformations in the Breath of Fire games.
  14. Tr4sh-C4n

    YEP_BuffsStatesCore is not working !

    Hi ! I'm using alot of buffs and states in my project, so i decided to install the Yanfly's states plugin. But here is the thing; when the plugin is ON, it will crash with the same error message ( Type Error Undefined is not a function ) everytimes a turn is over ! Here is a screenshot of all...
  15. Santhosh

    where is this plugin?

    Hai , I am new to rpg maker. I saw a youtube video. This guy guy use a plugin named --------------- . where can i find the plugin and why should i use that?
  16. Plugin Command - How to properly use it?

    Hi all! Just another noob question.. I've been using many great plugins from yanfly and himeworks.. The problem that I am facing now is the "Plugin Command" feature. How do I go about using the Plugin Command feature? Where do I usually find it or rather use it? Can I get some screenshots...
  17. Fearmaster129

    Symphony of the moon DEMO v1.0

    THIS PROJECT IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD. My game is about the moon wich is sort of guardian in some legends in the game lore. There are 2 races in the game, humans and symphonians. Symphonians are a race of people who gets their powers from the moon itself, there is 5 kind of symphonians.Red...

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