yanfly quest journal

  1. RMMZ [Fixed] FOSSIL & YEP Map Quest Windows

    Hello everyone ! Hoping this is the right section to ask this. I'm trying to use YEP Map Quest Windows alongside FOSSIL, however my quest list does not seem to be shown On the console's side it seems right I am using default's Game Font, the same as with my YEP Quest Journal, so it...
  2. UncreativeMedia

    RMMV (YEP) Quest Journal System RMMV - How to make a non-type quest?

    Hi, I've been using the Yanfly Quest Journal System for a ''diary + objective tracker'' for my game. This project however doesn't need any distinction between Main Quests or Side Quests. I want it to be displayed as such: Current Objective Completed Objectives Memories (seperate catagory...
  3. RMMV Can't Get Yanfly Quest Journal Working!? (Photos Included)

    So, I have a quest I want to add to my journal. I've used the "Quest Add 1" command and even copied and pasted the same quest as Quest 2, difference being the quest type just to see if the quest type was the issue. The event to add these quests also shows a textbox, to confirm the event ran...
  4. DonTaco

    RMMV How to make Yanfly Quest Journal open in available Quests

    I'm wondering how to make so when I open the manager is already open in available quest. Im using it more as a task tracker so theres no need for the failed and other tabs.
  5. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV YEP Quest Journal System (Addon?)

    Hi guys. Do you know if there is a way to show up a summary of the quest with "accept" or "refuse"? If it's not provided, is it difficult create a "addon" for have this feature? I mean, you talk with an NPC and then a windows appear, that is the same windows that you will see in the Quest...
  6. Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin Bug

    So when i use Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin, at first sigth everything works perfectly, but when i go to an sidedeview battle, the battlers sprites just disappear, how can i fix this??
  7. Ronnie

    Incompatibility of Quest Journal System and DK Tools Localization

    Hi Guys, I am using the translation plugin "DKTools_Localization", which works pretty good. Got it running everywhere in the game, except for one plugin. It doesen't work correct with the journal plugin from Yanfly, "Quest_Journal_System_(YEP)". For example: I enter the code {Test01}, in a...
  8. DiegoAngelGamer

    Yanfly Quest Journal Bug - Help!

    - Sorry for my bad English - Yanfly Plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2017/10/13/yep-152-quest-journal-system-rpg-maker-mv/ Hi! I was using Yanfly's Quest Journal to make quests in Spanish, but I have a small issue: quests don't show up in the quest menu. I put on the events: (because 1 is the number...
  9. Yanfly quest journal issue

    Hello everyone! I have been tinkering with some plugins for my test project on RPG Maker MV. Having a quest log is very useful, and I was planning on using Yanfly's, but I have found a small issue with it, and I am not sure if it's a bug or me doing something incorrectly. The plugin gives you...
  10. [Solved]I can't get Yanfly's Quest Journal System to work

    I am trying to set up a quest sytem in my game and I cannot seem to get it to work. I have the latest update to the quest journal system and my project is updated to the newest patch. (currently 1.6.1) My problem is that whenever I get into my game, and I open the menu, I am greeted with this...

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