yanfly skill cooldown

  1. boulops1

    RMMV How to make battles "attack" command work with Yanfly Instant cast & Skill Cooldowns

    Heya! im trying to get it so that all my characters basic attack functions in battle are instant cast and depending on what weapon they have equipped it will put the attack function on a cooldown for however many turns. when i try it i am able to make the actors "attack" instant cast but after...
  2. PhoenixX92

    Remove Yanfly skill cooldown with second skill?

    Surely via Lunatic Mode you can create a new skill to clear a cooldown? I figured someone here has created such a thing for the script, so I came to ask. If not, that's okay. I'll make one and post it here if it hasn't been done yet. Looking to create an ability that will restore a skill that's...

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