yanfly weapon unleash

  1. SpyfireGamingYT

    Weapon Unleash Alternative SOLVED

    Weapon Unleash is a plugin made by Yanfly that allows weapons to have special abilities. Those abilities happen randomly when you attack. It is a really cool plugin but since most of Yanfly's plugins have received a paywall, I cannot get the plugin. I was wondering if there were any alternative...
  2. xDRAGOONx

    Creating a dynamic basic attack with Yanfly's weapon unleash and a custom function

    Greetings makers! xDRAGOONx here, bringing you my very first tutorial! This tutorial highlights how I use Yanfly's Weapon Unleash Plugin (which is a paid plugin), as well as a custom function added through a small plugin, to replace the standard attack skill with a modified attack skill based...
  3. Weapon Unleash Error When Forced to Attack

    I'm using RPG Maker MV 1.6.2 and Yanfly plugins Whenever I have an actor with a replaced attack (with Weapon Unleash plugin) and they're forced to attack via state, an error always appears.
  4. Adding more Battle Menu commands

    First of all I want to apologize for putting [MV] on every post, knowing Javascript is exclusive to it :p There's a Yanfly plugin (Weapon Unleash) that lets you change the basic commands (Attack, Guard, Items) with other skills. Is there a way to have both the basic and custom commands at the...
  5. Blackjack488

    Struggling with Javascript Evals and Equip Requirements

    So, in my game, every ranged weapon uses items as ammunition, by way of Yanfly's "Weapon Unleash" and "Skill Cost Items" plugins. And since the game is all about a struggle to survive and manage sparse resources, ammo is naturally hard to find, making guns powerful but costly weapons. The...
  6. Seijiro Mafuné

    Replace Weapon in Transformed State

    I'm aware that using Yanfly's Weapon Unleash will allow my characters to have custom attacks [and thus formulas] to specific equipments. However, I'm considering adding a state that changes the weapon itself. How do I work the Lunatic code to change the animation either for the Weapon or the State?

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