1. How to have skill give armor on hit?

    I would like to make a skill that, when used by an enemy on a given actor, adds an armor to the player's inventory - but only if the player doesn't already have that armor, as it's supposed to be unique. I have a feeling that the Yanfly Skill Core is the proper plugin for this, but I don't know...
  2. RMMV Yanfly's YEP_CoreEngine + Shaz's ChangeTileSize (24x24) Conflict

    Hello!! This is my first post so forgive any mistakes >_> I'm currently developing a game and am using Shaz's ChangeTileSize plugin to make my tiles 24x24 and Yanfly's YEP_CoreEngine Plugin for a better aspect ratio. However using both seems to cause a stuttering problem with my character...
  3. KTRay0405

    RMMV [SOLVED/FIXED] Galv's Jump Ability and Yanfly's Keyboard Config Conflicting

    HI! So, as the title says, Galv's Jump Ability plugin and Yanfly's Keyboard Config plugin conflict - meaning that if I have Yanfly's Keyboard Config plugin in my game, I can't make my character jump at all like I want (my game is a platformer). Basically what I'm asking is this: is there a way...
  4. sheeshkebab1812

    Yanfly Barrier question

    I'm using the Yanfly's Barrier plugin and I was wondering if there is a way to make a Barrier that will regenerate per turn but only up to the amount of shield they have. So if a barrier is 50% of their hp then heal 20% of that barrier per turn. http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Absorption_Barrier_(YEP)
  5. Gergring

    How to stack states

    Like in the title, I want to make a skill that is similar to Demoman from Team Fortress 2 where he uses his sticky bomb to stack up and increase the damage. Making a similarity, I tried on the enemies but it just wont work (I tried using Yanfly stockpile). Any recommendations?
  6. MegaStupidBulgarian1

    How to remove these?

    I am using Yanflys quest journal and after taking the quest and entering the menu,there are the <br> things before everything in the menu.How do I fix this?
  7. WickBRSTM

    Making YEP_CreditsPage work with my game

    Hi! This is my first thread here, so I'll do my best to keep my request brief. I am making a game that has both YEP_CreditsPage and MOG_TitlePictureCom. To briefly summarize their function so we're on the same page, YEP_CreditsPage opens a window with customizable entries for credits that can...
  8. [VX Ace] Call Common Event in Battle through a Party Command? (Using Yanfly Battle Command List)

    Hi everyone, I would like the player to be able to view detailed explanations on attributes, status ailments and other game mechanics while in Battle. I already had a Common Event set up for use outside of Battle, but I think it would be great if players could access that common event while in...
  9. Yanfly improved battleback slightly lagging before switching battleback

    I don't really know how i can describe this issue but basically i tried to use yanfly improved battleback but there's a slight problem in that before it actually switches to the background i want, there's around like a second or two where it's still the default battleback How do i fix this from...
  10. McPaul

    RMMV Crowning Legacy - WiP jRPG

    font is also work in progress Hello. Premise: Epic story driven jrpg. Epic in the classical sense of the plot stretching through a long period of time, as in, a generation of a tribe and its members. Does not mean it will be a 999 hour long grind treck. Gameplay’s also inspired by the...
  11. Am trying to make it so after enemy hits you they say something with yanfys message extented pack 1 plugin, but am having trouble

    I am trying to make it so after enemy hits you they say something with yanfys message extented pack 1 plugin but am having trouble with targeting right now i have it so when an enemy uses a skill it triggers a common event the event above will always make the first enemy in battle say it but...
  12. RMMV Autosave message appearing in main menu

    So i tried adding the autosave plugin into my project but the "Autosave Complete!" message keeps coming up behind the main menu when i open it and when i close the main menu it disappears instantly, i put the plugin to autosave when i open main menu, i know that's why it saves when i open the...
  13. dysphoria

    Yanfly Script Save Plugin - Icons and name variables in save menu

    Hello there, I'm trying YEP Save Plugin to make a more comprehensive save menu. I want to make something similar to Zelda's save screens where icons of collectible and key items are shown in the file selection. This icons only appears after the player obtain the items. As a reference...
  14. Mattsuharu

    This plugin overwrite the pop-up damage to 0

    Hello people! I was having a problem with a plugin but I finally solved it changing it location. I'm also using Yanfly Battle Core Script, now the problem is that this script work fines, except that in combination with the yanfly battle core is doing something weird. The script is supposed to...
  15. RMMV Can't Get Yanfly Quest Journal Working!? (Photos Included)

    So, I have a quest I want to add to my journal. I've used the "Quest Add 1" command and even copied and pasted the same quest as Quest 2, difference being the quest type just to see if the quest type was the issue. The event to add these quests also shows a textbox, to confirm the event ran...
  16. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Custom MP System using Yanfly's Skill Core and Yanfly's Buff and State Core

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me with creating a custom MP system, using a combination of Yanfly's Skill Core, and Yanfly's Buffs and States Core? What I'm trying to do is create a system where a party member can spend their turn calling upon an elemental spirit (one per turn, up to 3...
  17. Arglax

    RMMV [Partially Solved] Yanfly Quest Journal Plugin Issue

    Hello there, my issue is rather simple and straightforward. My project is supposed to be available for Windows and Android(I don't know yet how to export/deploy for Web) and this certain Quest Journal plugin functionality seems to be limited. When the game is opened in Windows and the Quest...
  18. Austintatious

    RMMV How to get battlelog fast forwarding working with Yanfly BattleEngine

    What is says in the title. In YEP_BattleEngineCore.js I found this Yanfly.BEC.Window_BattleLog_isFastForward = Window_BattleLog.prototype.isFastForward; Window_BattleLog.prototype.isFastForward = function() { console.log("FAST FORWARD"); if (Yanfly.Param.BECOptSpeed) return true...
  19. Madre_Joshua

    RMMZ Five characters in battle at once? YEP 29 Party System? For MZ

    Hello everybody; This is not a request for someone to create a plugin like this, but rather, a question whether one like this exists for RPG Maker MZ. I began my project originally with RPG Maker MV. One plugin I used was the Yanfly Party System (Plugin 29) which, among other things, allowed...
  20. Mattsuharu

    Yanfly - Lunatic State (How Strings works?)

    Helluuuu~ I'm very dumb-dumb and I can't figure out how the "strings" works for most yanfly's plugins and couldn't find a tutorial either. I suppose in those string I could use any script call, I'm right? What I'm trying to do right now, is to use an state that when I receive damage, the state...

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