1. Zuque

    RMMV Common Event Menu (YEP) can't make it work with a condition

    Hello all, I have a calendar system using this Plug-in: Common Event Menu - Yanfly and it works, but its taking a lot of Common Events I have 4 seasons and in each 30 days so that's 121 common events spend on one system: Common Event number 1 (Calendar Caller) that calls depending on the...
  2. Litche

    Problems with Yanfly's Skill Core

    I'm looking to make a mechanic using Yanfly's Skill Core but I'm having problems. When using an attack the Star variable should remain at 0 (The number that appears next to the Gold in the video is the star variable) but it remains at 3. I attach the code and a video where my problem appears...
  3. PaulaCucumberuwu

    A status effect that gives TP to whoever removes it.

    This is quite simple but I can't figure out how to do it. I just want to make a status effect that gives 10 TP to whoever removes it, can someone help me please with this? :(
  4. Ozmahunter

    RMMV: Issue with Yanfly 'Critical Control' Rate Formula

    Hi all, I'm using YEPs Critical Control Plug in on MV as seen here: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Critical_Control_(YEP) My goal: I would like all attacks and abilities to have a chance to be Critical Hits equal to 0.5 * by the user's Luck stat. So basically, at 1 Luck, the user only has a 0.5%...
  5. KoshiLemons

    RMMV [MV] Yanfly Battle System - STB; A way for enemies to attack twice in 1 turn

    Is there a way to have it so that enemies can attack multiple times per turn in the STB Battle System?
  6. RMMV [RMMV] [YEP] Yanfly Limited Skills Help

    So I am trying to make a pseudo reload system in RMMV through the use of Yanfly's limited skill, and Item Costs plugins but I'm at a wall. Right now my current idea is having a specific gun to add specific skills that pertain to it's ammo count. Ex. Generic Pistol only holds 6 ammo = 6 uses of...
  7. lebees

    RMMV Help on state stacking (YEP/Yanfly plugin help)

    This is a rather simple question but I am currently trying to recreate a state from another game called "Protection". It originates from Limbus Company and how it works is. 1 Stack of Protection = 10% more damage reduction. Now what I am trying to recreate is the actual stacking property...
  8. GenericFantasyDev

    Passive help ;-;

    So below are some passive abilities i need help with cause im still confused with lunatic mode and the ones i made dont work. (I have all YEP plugins btw). All help would be greatly appreciated also credit will be given in game
  9. KTHDev

    Yanfly ATB Charge Speed

    So here's what's going on: I'm using Yanfly's ATB Battle System Plugin for my project and fiddling with the settings for ATB charge speeds. From what I can tell, the default formula looks for the highest AGI out of everyone in the party and use that to determine how fast everyone's ATB Gauge...
  10. RMMV Can't figure out what's wrong with Yanfly's Picture Spritesheets Plugin

    So, I'm using Yanfly's YEP_SpriteSheet puglin to change a picture's frame. For testing purposes I put a event to show picture and another to change frame via yes or no choice, It works great at first, but if I open menu or transfer player to another location and come back it simply stops...
  11. BDruid70

    Need Help Making A Skill That Recovers TP, Except For When A Certain State Is Applied

    Hi, I need help making a skill that 1 gains TP, except for when a certain state is applied, then it gains nothing. I plan on making this the primer for all of my skills going forward so it's kinda a necessity. Sorry if this is easy to do, but I'm not used to JavaScript. I'm currently using a...
  12. BDruid70

    Does Yanfly's Critical Control Have A Way To Multiply An Actor's Critical Rate?

    Hi, this may be an easy question by I haven't seen anything related to it. I'm using Yanfly's Critical Control Plugin and wanted to know does the plugin have a way to multiply the actors base Critical Rate? For Example, if I give an actor a 5% critical rate in their traits, would it be possible...
  13. Ian_39

    RMMV Stacking a State with Yanfly's Buffs and States Core

    Hello! I'm currently working on a game that allows a player to level up "skills" in a way similar to Fallout (for example a One-Handed Weapon skill that the player can invest skill points into with every level up, up to 100 points). The idea is that at 0 points in the level, the player has only...
  14. Flannery

    RMMV Plug-In to Restrict Subclasses to Specific Classes

    I need help making a YEP_Subclasses-Compatible Extension Plug-In. (And, by extension, compatible with YEP_Class_Change_Core.) Simply put, I need the extension to do two things, the first being of major importance: I need it to adjust the compatibility of certain Secondary Classes (Subclasses)...
  15. valerieplanets

    RMMV stats changing mid-game using YEP equip core?

    i want to find a way to make stats change mid-game by altering variables. i know that using equip core can let you use javascript code as custom parameters in the armor notetags but i think i'm encountering some problems with my code. keep in mind i don't know much javascript and i'm just going...
  16. Alexandrake

    RMMV Help with Eli Visual Item Plugin and Yanfly Enhanced TP

    Hello! ♥ I'm here today cause I'm having some compatibility problems with two Plugins I really really need for my project, so I'm hoping someone could help me make them work together! I'm using many Yanfly plugins, and I recently added Eli's Visual Item that basically shows a picture when you...
  17. xXYoBoiGXx

    RMMV Yanfly Item Synthesis Plugin NOT WORKING RMMV

    Hello everyone, if this issue was already solved, I extremely apologize but I've been looking everywhere for a solution for my issue. I've sent a series of screen shots to show where my confusion is at. I believe I've setup the plugin in pretty well but for some reason the item crafting command...
  18. RMMV Yanfly Stacking States: How do double/halve stacks of a state?

    Hi everyone! I am using Yanfly's Buff and States Core to apply stacking states, among other things. I want to create two skills, one that doubles the stacks of all states currently affecting a target and one that halves them. It should be possible with Yanfly's plugins, but I'm just not sure...
  19. luigiman0640

    Flipped Sideview Battles with Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I need some help making my sideview battle work with the players on the left side and the enemies on the right. While the players work just fine, moving in the right directions and everything, thanks to a plugin by caethyril, the enemies still step and flinch the wrong way. This is especially...
  20. RMMV Working with stacking DOT

    I think this goes here? My apologies if it doesn't. Anyways, I'm using the Yanfly technique for stacking DOT, and the base stuff works in a fresh project, and then in my main project (yay!). But, I want to alter a few items, and the fresh project doesn't seem to like it (untested in my main...

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