1. Yanntastisch

    How do you change names and gauges in Yanfly Ace Battle Engine?

    I tried the legendary Yanfly Ace Battle Engine for the first time. Everything works fine except two little things: I would like to disable the names on the actor faces. Also there is something up with the HP, MP, and TP gauges. They don't look like in all the screenshots I saw. They look just...
  2. Plugin/Mechanic introduction in game

    Is there a way to activate a plugin and its mechanic only after a certain point in the game? For example, can I introduce Item Synthesis or Party Gauge to the player after an event happens in game but keep it disabled prior to that event?
  3. Failing to initialize the game data/Map001.json

    Hey RPG Makers, I just finished installing Yanfly's plugins, however when I went to test my game I keep getting this error... Any ideas what's causing it/how can I fix this? Thank you all, Alkaline
  4. Bug found? Yanflys BattleSystemATB + Yanflys BattleAiCore = Skip enemies OnTurnStart events after being targeted by actor

    Hello fellow RPG-Makers, first of all here is a disclaimer: I recently read an article about Yanfly stating that she discontined working on the ATB, so if the bug has something to do with that, noone can help it. But I do not have the feeling that the bug Ipotentially have found is related to...
  5. TheDrifter

    Need help replacing YEP_ItemSynthesis status window with the regular one from YEP_ItemCore

    Hi, I'm using both of Yanfly's Item Core and Item Synthesis plugins. I just want to replace the status window here in red with the status window here in yellow. Any way I can do that? --- I'm not good with JS at all, but here's what I tried doing so far: In the Item Synthesis plugin, I...
  6. VTDraws

    (Yanfly) Picture Common Events- 'Release' Behavior Fix?

    http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Picture_Common_Events_(YEP) So I've been using this script to build my game's point-and-click UI for some time now, and recently made a very simple system of holding down a button on-screen that closes the player's eyes [blackening the screen], and then opens them once...
  7. Azure_Sinbad

    Help with Yanfly Plugins Animated SV Enemies, Dragonbones and Action Sequence Pack 3

    Hi people, Looking for help with 2 separate issues I'm having with these plugins, first up; In battle when my enemies are going to attack, if I have them animated to run right right up to my party, if there is any overlap between the two, my enemy will be beneath my party characters instead of...
  8. Olivia OTB + YEP Battle Crash

    cannot read property "push" of undefined I was wondering if someone more versed could help explain this crash to me. Happens when a battle starts, even in Troop battle test. doesn't always happen maybe 20% of the time. Sometimes can F5, sometimes have to restart. is this a bug, a load...
  9. Kay0503

    [Fixed]Yanfly Skills to learn Original Skills won't show

    My original skills from the Database won't show up and I think this is because of the plugin so that's why I put it in plugin help. How do I get my skills to re-appear
  10. "ToLocaleString" Bug in Yanfly

    Hi. I'm making something in RPG Maker MV using some plugins from yanfly.moe (I'll leave a screenshot of my load order). Whenever I try to enter the quest journal included with on of the plugins, I get the error "cannot read 'ToLocaleString' of undefined". I don't know anything about javascript...
  11. Dcraft

    Yanfly passive state + base parameter control

    The problem is the following. With both YEP_BaseParamControl and YEP_AutoPassiveStates active, if there is a state with <Passive Condition: HP Below x%> (any value) it will cancel other passive states that increase HP, this also happens with MP. Now if YEP_BaseParamControl is off, the state that...
  12. DietAmbrosia

    Target Core: Prime Numbers and Lowest/Highest Attributes

    Hello all! I am making a class based off the Arithmetician class from Final Fantasy Tactics. I had a couple questions regarding target conditions: 1) What tags would allow a skill to target any unit with a level that is a prime number? (i.e., 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, etc). 2) I suspect...
  13. TheDrifter

    Reduce lag from YEP_X_LimitedSkillUses ?

    Just found out that YEP_X_LimitedSkillUses and YEP_X_SkillCooldowns cause a very noticeable amount of lag on project startup and items used on the field. I don't really use YEP_X_SkillCooldowns, but I found out it suffers from similar problems as YEP_X_LimitedSkillUses. Whenever I start my...
  14. Fantasmi_Gammes

    Problem with an Yanfly Plugin.

    Ok, so when I go to download the "YEP_BattleEngineCore" on the OFFICIAL Yanfly website, the download was removed, literally the download is removed, and my face was like: º<º (wtf?) And when I download the "all free yanfly plugins" bundle I download the file and in a few seconds the file...
  15. SoftCloud

    YEP More Currencies

    Good evening, This is a quick question I wanted to toss out here before just buying one of the plugin packs from Yanfly. The plugin : More Currencies is down. I can’t purchase the plugin individually. While the pack isn’t much im also trying to be frugal . Are there good alternatives to YEP...
  16. How are item effects represented in the JavaScript?

    How are item effects represented in the JavaScript? I have been trying to figure out how to choose which aspects of an item are randomized when using Yanfly's independent items. I have already read through Yanfly's plugin's code and did not see anything there about it. Although, maybe I missed...
  17. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly Tips & Tricks (Stat Upgades with Job Points) Question

    Yanfly made this video long ago for how you could use his Job Points (JP) plugin to make passive skills that allows you to upgrade your basic parameters such as HP, MP, ATK, DEF, etc. This here being the code snippet he provides in the video: <Learn Cost: 500 JP> user._paramPlus[0] +=500...
  18. VesperCire

    Conflict between some of Yanfly's plugins and SRD Supertools

    I recently installed SumRndmDde's Supertools plugin, and soon after I encountered a huge bug, being that I was unable to open the Skills, Equip, Status and Formation menus for the first party member. When doing so, I would receive this message: This wouldn't occur for any of the other party...
  19. EclipseVRP

    YanFly's Quest Journal- Paragraph Descriptions Help

    Hello! So as the Title states, I need help getting YanFly's Quest Journal to do Paragraphs for the Descriptions. However, they just don't seem to work out for me. I'll list some screenshots below: This screenshot was taken from YanFly's tutorial on the Quest Journal Plugin, this is not in any...
  20. Zsloth24

    Battle items separate from other items

    Pre-note: I am heavily using Yanfly's plugins! As the title implies, there is a job class in my game that allows you to use battle items. You are able to craft them and then use them in battle if you are an alchemist. the problem: when battling, you have the item option. I can set the battle...

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