1. Grumphlu

    RMMV Trying to apply a state if ennemies are affected by another one (AOE)

    Hi ! I'm using Yanfly's plugin and i am struggling with a skill. I have a state "Water" and a state "Freeze". Let's say that i apply "Water" to all ennemis with a Surf Now, with my skill "Blizzard" i want to freeze my ennemies affected by "Water". But, when i do it, it will not apply it...
  2. Geeguz

    RMMV Ritter Active Item System and independent armors and weapons?

    So I've installed this plugin and initially had the error shown below, after screwing around with plugins for a bit I traced it to having independent armors and weapons via Yanfly's Item core. Changing that parameter allows me to use this plugin just fine but I rely on independent armors and...
  3. Geeguz

    RMMV Arisu visual inventory bug?

    So I recently picked up this little plugin to try and get a more compact nicer looking inventory (really looking forward to movement in both directions so everything is closer) and it seems to work perfectly except one big problem. I can't seem to get any more than 1 column of items. Initially I...
  4. Lonewulf123

    [VXA] Death Timer

    Hi, I'm looking for a snippet that creates a "death timer" of sorts. In my game, when the death state is applied to the player, it (currently) has a three turn duration. When that timer runs out, the state is removed like any other state, and the player character is revived with half their...
  5. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly ATB Stutter support

    Reaching the ending of my game development and can't find a fix for ATB bars stuttering during battle. There will be random, brief pauses while a bar is filling up which hurts the overall game feel. I know MV isn't designed to for this but is there any way to fix or troubleshoot this issue?
  6. casteco

    RMMV How to remove the turn highlight in Yanfly's Battle Status Window?

    In YEP's Battle Status Window it draws a highlight over the current acting member. I modified the plugin and am only using it to hold states and would like to remove the selection highlight as shown below. However I cannot find any code corresponding to this and where it's being called Any...
  7. cheef

    RMMV How do I make common events affect DragonBones characters? Using KELYEP_Dragonbones and YEP_X_ActSeqPack1,2,3?

    Hello, I currently have very basic Dragonbones characters working for actors and enemies. (walk and skill but it's all I need for now) For the sake of visualization: Imagine an enemy that uses a skill to place a player in a black hole. This should disappear the character and skip the...
  8. valerieplanets

    RMMV yanfly gamepag config?

    just not really sure if this plugin exists anymore, but if anyone has it would you mind sharing it? im using a plugin that makes this project local co-op and i want to make all the controller inputs make sense since the ones im using have some unconventional default mapping. if that plugin...
  9. Tonedawg181

    RMMV Edit help for YEP Battle Status Window

    Engine: Rpg Maker MV 1.6.2 Plugin in Question: Yanfly's "YEP_BattleStatsWindow" version 1.09 Looking For: Edit to parameter's functionality Hi everyone, Im using the yanfly plugin 'Battle Status Window' and there is a parameter to enable actor switching by pressing the left/right keys. I like...
  10. hoboayoyo

    Battle AI Buff extension not selecting valid Targets

    Trying to get buff extension to yanfly battle ai core working but there is an issue when selecting valid targets. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/yanfly-battle-ai-core-extension-buffs.75810/ The 'highest' and 'lowest' keywords do not work as it always returns a -1 for selecting...
  11. WickBRSTM

    RMMV Change text size of keys in YEP_KeyboardConfig

    Heyo! Wick is back with another quick question. My game is utilizing Yanfly's Keyboard Config (YEP_KeyboardConfig.js) to allow players to remap the keys to their liking, which is great! However, I'm currently running into an issue where, due to my game using bitmapped fonts, the text on the keys...
  12. WickBRSTM

    RMMV YEP_X_InBattleStatus.js on actor menu?

    Heyo, Wick again. Thank you all kindly for your support. Apologies if this isn't a simple thing to ask for or the right thread in which to do so, but would it be possible to modify YEP_X_InBattleStatus in so that the new Status command it adds would be added to the Actor menu instead of the top...
  13. I have a BGM that plays when my player is detected, but how do I revert to normal BGM?

    Sorry for the lenghty title, but I didn't know how to explain this in shorter ways to make a title... Anyways, hello! So, I'm making an MGS-style infiltration moment in my game, and I'm using Yanfly's Event chaser. This allows me to use a common event, that I use to change the ongoing BGM to...
  14. Help in the design of the battle menu Yanfly Battle Engine.

    Мне нравится сценарий Yanfly "Боевой двигатель". Но эти две шкалы HP и MP немного мешают. Можно ли изменить сценарий, чтобы можно было изменить их дизайн или переместить их так, чтобы они не закрывали лицо героя? Возможно, есть какой-то похожий скрипт, в котором эти две шкалы не так заметны...
  15. sheeshkebab1812

    Life steal cap using Yanfly's Life Steal

    The way i aim for life steal to work in my game is for it to have an upper limit equal to a percentage of the battlers health. The actor may have 5% life steal but can only heal up to 10% of their maximum health. Is there anyway to set this up so that there is an upper limit to what health can...
  16. DarkMetaknight

    RMMV [Solved] Additional extremely high display values from startDamagePopup in <Custom Establish Effect> notetags

    Bug Description: startDamagePopup Additional Number When using Game_Battler.startDamagePopup(), an "extra", extremely large number (the likes of 80000000000+) along with the normal damage number(s) appears. This happens with both single target and AoE reactions. Sometimes this "random" number...
  17. sheeshkebab1812

    Does anyone know a good plugin for animated faces on message windows

    I'm looking for a plugin that is compatible with Yanfly's message core. I want to be able to have small animation loops in the face box instead of just an image. The face would be in continuous motion so it wouldn't need to sync up to text or anything like that
  18. RMMV Yanfly Ai-Enemy attacks with more moves if a state is applied to them

    Hello, I want to make an enemy wizard that needs to chant before casting a spell. I want the chant to apply a state of chanting that makes that wizard take more damage/more vulnerable, but they can then cast a spell the next turn, then they lose the status effect. I'm using Yanfly's AI...
  19. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly Action sequence, States/buffs don't show in battle log / popup.

    Having an issue where adding a state or buff through a script does not have it appear in the battle log or a pop up on the character, though the state/ buff is applied properly. I tried turning off all extra plugins but that didn't appear to work. I also checked battle engine core to check that...
  20. sheeshkebab1812

    I'm looking for a way to see the value of a barrier using Yanfly's absorption barrier

    As the title states, I want the player to be able to see the amount of barrier that they have. I would preferably have it similar to the hp gauge or along side the hp gauge giving the number if anyone knows a way/ a plugin to do this?

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