1. hit rate question

    I have a skill that adds actor state 90% evasion, but the thing is skill always hit actor even with the 90% evasion. the skill doesn't have any increased hit rate as the enemy has fixed a 95% hit rate. so in battle, 95 - 90 = 5% chance to receive hit. but every time I test, the skill keeps...
  2. Yanfly Engines

    So I wanted to make a custom weapons addition to my game, But the only way is use a plugin from Yanfly called Weapon Animation and for some reason I can't download it anymore is there a way for me to insert new custom weapons into my game? :(
  3. Master_Bronze_Elite

    RMMV YEP_SaveCore Help

    Currently, the plug-in allows you to change the Y position of your party but not the X position (from the plug-in editor). Does anyone know which line of code I can change to allow me to change the X position of the party display? My game only has 1 character, (as of now,) so I would like them...
  4. LSDolphin

    RMMV (YEP Buffs & States) Custom Select Effect conditional always reads false

    So I'm using Buffs & States to create a "flight" state where flying enemies can only be hit by long range skills. If the attacks are not long range, they miss. Yanfly has written some example shield states that are very similar to what I need, so I used those as examples. Of course, I'm here...
  5. maliyana

    RMMV Yanfly's Map Select Skill does literally nothing

    I just cannot get this plugin to work. I've even tried it on a new file. I select a spell, which is supposed to trigger a common event that makes rain appear. Nothing. I've tried changing the scope multiple times, from ally to enemy to none. No difference.
  6. maliyana

    RMMV Issues with Yanfly's Counter Control

    I'm having two problems with this plugin. My setup is to have a party member use a skill that gives them a state, which allows them to evade and counter a single attack. The first problem is when an enemy attacks the party member, the player evades and counters, as expected. However, the enemy...
  7. FrozenFacade

    Issue with Custom Menu on separate map, using Yanfly Button Common Events.

    Hey all, I was following this tutorial to make a custom menu. Everything worked out great, however I have an issue with using a common event triggered by a button press. The player is able to push this button during movement, which transports them to the custom menu map. If the button is...
  8. NatePlays

    RMMV Yanfly Item Durability show in Item Name

    I want the durability of an item from Yanfly Item Durability to show after the item name, like a suffix, possible with the Yanfly Item Core. This is so the player can easily judge the uses left without having to enter a new window (they select the weapon for each attack). I figured out you can...
  9. KitteyWolf

    RMMV Footstep sounds with variation and possible different sounds for running.

    So I've been working on a project for a while- and I realized that I really needed to get sound effects for the footsteps sorted out. Currently I'm trying to work within yanfly's YEP plugin for footsteps- but its hard to figure out a good sound effect to use. I was hoping there was a way...
  10. Essention

    Checking for a summoned actor in battle.

    So... I have SRD_SummonCore, Jay_BattleVAManager, and Yanfly action sequences. I wanted to have an if-else statement in terms of the summon voice clips reacting to different things upon summon. One condition is if the summoner is low on health. The other is if another actor acting as a...
  11. Tomasque

    RMVXA [SOLVED] Yanfly's Menu Cursor doesn't appear in "Show Choices" command boxes

    The "Yanfly Engine Ace - Menu Cursor v1.00" script doesn't show the custom cursor if the command box was opened by the "Show Choices" command (or in the Save Screen). This happens even in an otherwise empty test project. Here's a list of where the glitch happens: Show Choices Save Screen (I...
  12. ttkkttuu

    RMMV Show Choices Window not working with Yanfly's Message Box

    I was wondering if anyone could help with fixing the choices window not attaching to the message box plugin in Yanfly's Extended Message Pack. Right now I'll have a message box at the top of the screen but the choice window will be at the bottom. Is there any fix to have it automatically attach...
  13. maliyana

    RMMV CTB style battle system with icons based on number of turns

    I'm looking for a CTB battle system plugin that shows the battler icons based on who gets the next turn, but also shows the same battler's icon multiple time when appropriate. For example, if an actor and enemy have the same speed, the icons will show: actor-enemy-actor-enemy However, if the...
  14. Kemezryp

    RMMV VE_DamagePopup + YEP_BuffsStatesCore; showing only one regen popup despite having 2 regen states

    Here I am again, I've been fighting this for some time already but it's too confusing for me. So, Buffs States Core by Yanfly allows you to create states with custom effects. I'm using this to make a balanced poison and bleeding debuffs. They both cause the target to lose hp but their formulas...
  15. coucassi

    RMMV YEP_Item_Menu_Categories & BO_Shop_Categories

    Heyho : ) The Plugins relevant für this question should be: YEP_ItemCore YEP_X_ItemMenuCategories YEP_ShopMenuCore BO_ShopCategories This is also the order I put them in the PlugIn Manager. The problem seems to be caused by BO_ShopCategories, which I used to transfer the ItemCategories to...
  16. MathyK450

    Help with Yanfly's Enemy Target Info

    As the title says, I need a bit of help with this script, link below. Script You see, the window that pops up during Target Selection(Window_ComparisonHelp or "Press SHIFT to see target info") is just too small. I tried messing around with the script, and I managed to make the drawn rectangle...
  17. Zsloth24

    RMMV Yanfly Quest Journal and Touch controls

    Hello! I am back with yet another hump on the trail of creating a worth while game. This time, it is about the quest journal from Yanfly and the compatibility of the touch controls Android has to offer. Here's what I found and was attempting: upon finishing a quest to be put in the quest...
  18. Dralctig

    RMMV "Single Actor / Stat Distribution" incompatibility - please help. RMMV

    I'm using Stat Distribution plugin by SumRndmDde and I want implement Single Actor by Ventiq. Both plugins works perfect by their own. Stat Distribution adds a new command/window in the player's menu while Single Actor change the player's menu aspect. When I use Single Actor, the new menu keeps...
  19. RMMV Help with YEP_BuffStatesCore

    Greetings: I am using YEP_BuffsStatesCore. As built into that plugin, I am using "Lunatic Mode - Custom Timing Effects" In state "A" I have the following note tag to apply state "B" when state "A" is removed. <Custom Remove Effect> onremove: this.addState(13) </Custom Remove Effect> When...
  20. JustPhillip

    RMMV Not able to disable global control switches with Meta Controls Plugin

    Pretty much, A few months ago I made a game that was badly rushed towards the end so I now decided to make an update making it way better. When I was playtesting the original file, It put me in the "Second Timeline" which occurs after you start a new game after beating it previously with the...

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