1. kattongues

    RMMV Help with deleting stats in menu screen :c (using yanfly)

    Hi! I hope this is the right thread. im trying my best to navigate to the correct threads so sorry if this was posted in the wrong place :kaoeh: I've been slowly learning coding as I go about making this game and some things have been making sense as far as eventing goes, but I keep running...
  2. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Yanfly Charge Turn Battle, Display member order when they get multiple turns.

    Hey all, I'm using Yanfly's Charge Turn Battle (CTB ) type combat and I am having an issue when a party member has enough speed to take 2 turns before the enemy. Everything functions fine however there is no way to indicate to the player that the party member will be able to act again before the...
  3. Mitty_Muse

    RMMV Yanfly's Button Common Events doesn't let me use arrow keys to move in game.

    I downloaded the Button Common Events Plugin but now my in game character won't move using arrow keys. I can click and move but arrow keys are a no go. When I disable the Button Plugin my in game character moves with the arrow keys again. I've tried putting 'RevertButton' command in the Common...
  4. maliyana

    RMMV How to Draw Icons on Yanfly's Visual HP Gauges?

    The short of it is that my game has specific types of enemies and I would like their health bars from Yanfly's script to append the appropriate icons underneath it. Here's a (very) rough mockup of what I'm going for:
  5. Zealvern

    RMMV Are these possible with Yanfly plugins?

    I purchased the whole pack, and was wondering if there is possible to make the following effects with those. If possible, how would you make them? -A three-hit combo where each attack is stronger than the previous one and the third deals water damage instead of physical damage -A cleave that...
  6. supercat

    RMMV Yanfly Event Chase Player help

    I was wondering if there was a way to play a common event once the player leaves the event's sight? What I want to do is when the event sees the player, I want it to play music and turn a switch on. I can do that already, but when the event can no longer see the player, I want to turn the music...
  7. RMMV Compatibility issues between YEP_ButtonCommonEvents and Arisu_WASD

    Hello there! First time posting, so please excuse any mistakes in describing my exact problem. My idea for my game is to have WASD movement (hence the Arisu_WASD plugin), SPACE as jump and E as an action button instead of ENTER/SPACE. Now, having the jump on space worked fine with Yanfly's...
  8. Katevolution

    RMMV Yanfly Event Spawner x Save Event Location Issue

    Hi! I started using Yanfly's Event Spawner to spawn a 3x3 apple tree and it works great. But then when I added the map tag to save Event locations (<Save Event Locations>), it spawns the tree in the location where the template Events are. Doesn't matter if it's a new game or a save from before...
  9. coucassi

    RMMV YEP_EquipCore: Add Equip Slot by event

    Heyho again! I am using Yanfly's EquipCore to give my actors different equip slots. Those are added via notetag in the class database. Now I am wondering if their is a way to hide those equip slots until a (for example) a switch is activated. Like, the option to equip say a quiver is only...
  10. Gravemaster

    Ace Item Menu - Hide Unused Categories

    Hey. My game uses Yanfly's Ace Item Menu. Is there a way to modify it so item/weapon/armor categories for which the player currently has no items/weapons/armors simply do not appear? This would: 1)Unclatter the menu. 2)Prevent spoilers, because some item categories are exclusive to certain...
  11. CEO1234

    RMMV Problems with YEP_SaveCore...

    Yanfly's save core for RPG Maker MV really adds a lot of useful functionality to my game. However, my game will have save spots, so you won't be able to save in the game until you come across these spots. This wasn't initially a problem, but then I noticed that you can still delete or load a...
  12. Mercedes90

    RMMV The Ignored Problem with Yanfly's MessageCore.js Plugin...

    First off, I paid 10$ to get some new interesting plugins from Yanfly on itch.io and some of them didn't work at all, and I can't even contact him. I've especially wanted the newer version of the MessageCore, yet it had the same problem as the old free version. Anyhow, here's what it says in...
  13. RMMV Is there any command that can check what face is currently applied on an actor?

    So in my game, I was looking at changing actor faces with states. I found this forum that gave me the command using yanfly's buffs and states core to change the face for the actor when states are applied. One of my actors ages throughout the game so I plan on using the change actor images...
  14. RMMV Using Yanfly's buffs and states core and animated sv characters to change the sprite of an enemy when affected by a state.

    So I wanted to make it so that when an enemy is affected with a state, their sprite would change. I would use the sideview sprites to animate the enemy but I want that sprite to change to a different one when the state is applied. I used the buffs and states core to change the actor faces when...
  15. RMMV Can't draw custom balloon to the top layer

    I'm using a slightly rewritten version http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Icon_Balloons_(YEP) and I've noticed that these custom balloons won't draw to the top layer of the map, they seem to draw to the same layer the event it's attached to is on, meaning the environment obscures them, unlike normal...
  16. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV Yanfly Job Points - Set Maximum Per Battle

    Hi everyone! I'm using Yanfly's Job Points plugin, and I want to add a limit to how much JP can be earned from one battle. Otherwise the system is very easily exploitable by keeping enemies alive and using a ton of skills (since the plugin makes you gain JP for each action used, and that is...
  17. eral

    Disable / Hide Bottom Info box Plugin Yanfly Item Core

    I need help to get rid of "help box" at bottom right on menu item by using yanfly plugin. and also by removing the info box, it makes the item list box wider, of course, making it easier for players when playing using a smartphone. I don't understand Java or any other programming language. Can...
  18. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV YEP Shop Menu Core - Show Equip Status?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently in a bit of a pickle trying to find a way to modify one tiny window of the YEP Shop Menu Core scene. Currently, when purchasing Items the menu looks like this... It shows the amount party has in their current Inventory on the right hand-side. Perfect! Except...
  19. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV YEP Item Core - Change Textbox Display

    Hello everyone! Firstly, I hope this is the right place to post this >< I'm still new to this forum and haven't posted too much. I'm using Yanfly's Item Core, and want to remove some of the windows that are obsolete to me. There are no items in my game that restore a set percentage of HP or...
  20. VampPhoenix99

    RMMV Yanfly's "Toxic" not working?

    I followed Yanfly's Tips & Tricks video for how to recreate Pokémon's "toxic poison" status, even tried copying and pasting their code when mine wasn't doing the thing correctly, but to no avail. It does poison the character I test it on, but it stays at 29 damage per turn (1/16 of his max HP...

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