1. Dangime

    RMMV Yanfly Conditional Prices for Selling?

    For any of you familiar with Yanfly's Conditional Price script, I am designing a game where commodities are traded on narrow margins for profit. I've made massive conditional changes to all sorts of buying conditions. I just got around to addressing the selling prices, I wrongly assumed the...
  2. RMMV YEP_BattleEngineCore and YEP_X_VisualHpGauge Current and Max HP Values

    Hello I am trying to have HP Bars display both Current and Max (450/450 instead of just 450) for actors and enemies using Yanfly's BattleEngineCore and VisualHpGauge but it doesn't seem to work for me BattleEngineCore -> Window Settings -> Current/Max -> True VisualHpGauge -> Text Display ->...
  3. Yugo_Salkins

    English Dub switch in System Options

    Hello, I have a question in regards to Yanfly's System Option script for RPG Maker VX Ace. There is an option where you can create your own switches and variables in the game options menu, but there's not a whole lot I know about coding. However with what I want to do I think I can tackle this...
  4. Acer2020

    RMMZ Common Event Buttons (Or Similar)

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I have a plugin request to make for RMMZ. My game has a system that allows the player to interact with objects and NPCs when approaching them. To complete this system, I need to be able to assign common events to keyboard keys...
  5. SilverEagle

    RMMV Yanfly Name Box x position issue

    Hey everyone! I've had a look around and I can't seem to find an answer to this issue I'm having. I'm using Yanfly's awesome message core plugin in a RMMV project and I'm having a name box X position issue. As some of my message windows will be using busts and some won't, I want the name boxes...
  6. MadChap

    RMMZ Message Core VisuStella - Porting dialogue from MV to MZ

    EDIT : Problem solved by Proxxie_Desu on post #6. Original post below: Hello. I am in the process of porting old projects from MV to MZ, and I've stumbled upon some problem that I thought could be fixed by plugin parameters, but I don't know how to do it. If you used Yanfly's plugin in MV...
  7. ItsMeSam

    Moghunter's Ring Menu with Yanfly's plugins

    I've really wanted to use Moghunter's Ring Menu from his BattleCommands plugin for such a long time now, but I always have to use his BattleHUD with it, and that's never compatible with my games, since I use a lot of Yanfly's plugins. I know that was the dumbest thing I've ever said, but don't...
  8. Bug encounter on battle with Yanfly and Olivia plugin

    Hi Everyone, I am using Yanfly plugins and Olivia plugins and during a boss battle i use some "Force-Actions" when life drop at 50% then 25%. Sometimes the game enter in conflict and sometimes not. I have no clue to know what make this happen. I took a screenshot if someone understand it...
  9. Lex1253

    Any way to make YEP_Battle_AI/YEP_BattleCore and MOGHunter's Chrono Engine cooperate?

    I've been having a lot of trouble with these three plugins cooperating. I know Yanfly's plugins and MOGHunter's plugins don't really get along, but this is something I'm in dire need of, as it's a key mechanic in the combat system for my game. I can't do Javascript code to save my life, and I...
  10. Rawky

    Olivia's Aggro Management Plugin (Highest Target Aggro broken, overrides other plugins)

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum. Sorry my first post isn't more positive, but I was hoping somebody here could help me out. I recently bought Olivia's Aggro Management and Provoke Effect (as well as trying to implement YEP Taunt as backup) for a more controlled aggro system. However, it would...
  11. Koru-chan

    [YEP] Status Menu Core help

    So I'm using the Status Menu Core in my game. http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Status_Menu_Core_(YEP) An issue I'm having is there is only one main character in my game. The rest are used a lot, but don't have the same tracking for certain things like relationships and so forth where I'd want a...
  12. PixelBoy360

    YEP_Options Core Crashes

    YEP_Options Core Crashes here's the error. It happens when I open the options menu.
  13. Animebryan

    Need Terrain Tags added as an option for Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions Plugin

    Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions plugin doesn't an option for Terrain Tags & I was wondering if someone who knows JS could add it as an option. Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions
  14. maliyana

    Adding additional windows to Yanfly's Common Event Menu

    Title says it all. Specifically, I want to make a common event menu that uses the 4 windows provided by the plugin AND show three additional windows that display various variables. I am aware that the provided windows can display the variables, but for aesthetic reasons, I want them on separate...
  15. thecursedcometh

    (Yanfly Skill Core) Removing HP cost of skills ONLY for enemies?

    In my game, many skills cost a percentage of HP rather than MP. However, this has created an issue where bosses will drain their own health very quickly with only a couple skills. Right now, my solution has been to make a duplicate of every skill, one that costs HP (for the player), and one that...
  16. thecursedcometh

    Compatibility Patch For Pretty Sleek Gauges and Yanfly's Battle Status Window

    When using both mjshi's Pretty Sleek Gauges and Yanfly's Battle Status Window, the HP bar is cut off for some reason. I'm assuming this is because of a script conflict. I've already tried putting one above the other and vice versa. Example: If a compatibility patch is possible, it'd be a...
  17. Animebryan

    Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions plugin doesn't support Terrain Tags

    I'm using Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions plugin to control where the Boat can go & it seems in order to allow it to sail the high seas, I'm going to have to cover EVERY SINGLE WATER TILE ON MY 256x256 MAP! That's ridiculous! Why didn't he give an option to use Terrain Tags too?! So I'm asking if...
  18. Need help creating a skill that spreads poison from one enemy to all others (RPG MAKER MV)

    Hey RPG makers, thanks for reading this thread! I'm still quite new to RPGMaker and have been experimenting with using Javascript in combination with Yanfly plugins to create various skill effects, to various levels of succes haha. (RPG Maker MV) Right now Im trying to create a skill called gut...
  19. SoulOfRock

    Help with summons (SRD Summon Core & Yanfly Plugins)

    when i summon the new actor this happends: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isEnemy’ of null at Sprite_Animation.updateSvePosition (YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies.js:2773) at Sprite_Animation.updatePosition (YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies.js:2769) at Sprite_Animation.updateMain...
  20. Yanntastisch

    How do you change names and gauges in Yanfly Ace Battle Engine?

    I tried the legendary Yanfly Ace Battle Engine for the first time. Everything works fine except two little things: I would like to disable the names on the actor faces. Also there is something up with the HP, MP, and TP gauges. They don't look like in all the screenshots I saw. They look just...

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